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Report Run On: May 14, 2012

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
131380162927624AFST375_1964_SP2012AFST 375 The Black Church (01.1964) SP2012Sharon King
245298674920139AFST100_1954_SP2012AFST 100 Introduction to The Black Experience (02.1954) SP2012Tammy Henderson
366866015212625AFST100_6189_SP2012AFST 100 Introduction to The Black Experience (01.6189/03.1953) SP2012Dr KV Mack-Shelton
4693970812123AFST440_3614_SP2012AFST 440 Topics in African and African-American Studies (04.3614) SP2012Jim Keys, Arvenita Cherry
576031303010436AFST205_6183_SP2012AFST 205 Contemporary Black Popular Culture (1.6183) SP2012Tammy Henderson
67953126339417AFST100_1953_SP2012AFST 100 Introduction to The Black Experience (03.1953) SP2012Dr KV Mack-Shelton
78522732328521AFST255_7519_SP2012AFST 255 Psychology of the Black Experience in the United States (1.7519/PSYC255_7474/SOWK255_7634) SP2012Thomas Robinson
88653291408229AFST347_2108_SP2012AFST 347 Gender, Race, and Media (01.2108/GWST322_2706/MLL322_2031) SP2012Teresa Foster, Viviana MacManus
99763185536012AFST211_1957_SP2012AFST 211 Introduction to Contemporary Africa (01.1957/HIST242_3609) SP2012Lateef Badru
101028996204911AFST206_1956_SP2012AFST 206 Introduction to African-American History: A Survey (01.1956/HIST218_3608) SP2012Dr KV Mack-Shelton
111030590124914AFST495_2110_SP2012AFST 495 - Field Research in Africana Studies (01.2110) SP2012Thomas Robinson
1210871171303914AFST213_1958_SP2012AFST 213 Africa: Culture and Development (01.1958/MLL210_2026) SP2012Gloria Chuku
1310891267323911AFST323_1961_SP2012AFST 323 Economic Development in Africa (01.1961) SP2012Lateef Badru
1411471558513010AFST314_3598_SP2012AFST 314 Islam in Africa (01.3598/HIST360_3610/RLST314_3611) SP2012Gloria Chuku
1511561490502912AFST245_6187_SP2012AFST 245 Introduction to Black Music (1.6187/MUSC215_6287) SP2012Kwame Ansah-Brew
1611972019227AFST440_1966_SP2012AFST 440 Topics in African and African-American Studies (03.1966) SP2012Lateef Badru
17120650124206AFST439_6186_SP2012AFST 439 Women in Africa and the Diaspora (01.6186/GWST439_6286) SP2012Gloria Chuku
18128126126105AFST215_1959_SP2012AFST 215 Introduction to African Dance (01.1959/DANC260_2193) SP2012Kwame Ansah-Brew