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Report Run On: May 14, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1265839938221AGNG200_0201_SP2008AGNG 200 The Aging Experience SP2008Kathryn de Medeiros
2365355223154AGNG300_0101_SP2008AGNG 300 Overview of Aging Services SP2008Mari Wepprecht, Robin Majeski
3378458731147AGNG611_0101_SP2008AGNG 611 LEADERSHIP & ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE: AGING SERVICES II SP2008J Eckert, David Sachs, Melissa Roane, Judah Ronch, Zakia Johnson, Dianne Houghton, Kathleen Hertel
4454353731114AGNG605_0101_SP2008AGNG 605 MANAGERIAL AND POLICY ECONOMICS SP2008J Eckert, Joseph Gribbin, David Sachs, Melissa Roane, Zakia Johnson, Kathleen Hertel
5483336832105AGNG200_0101_SP2008AGNG 200 The Aging Experience SP2008Robin Majeski
66749551756AGNG401_0101_SP2008AGNG 401 Foundations of Aging Services SP2008Mari Wepprecht, Judah Ronch
768516253054AGNG612_0101_SP2008AGNG 612 FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING FOR AGING SERVICES ORGANIZATIONS SP2008J Eckert, David Sachs, Melissa Roane, Carl Beimfohr, Zakia Johnson
876838138AGNG461_0101_SP2008AGNG 461 Internship Seminar in Management of Aging Services SP2008Deborah Adler