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Report Run On: May 16, 2007

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
11292640871371AMST384_0101_SP2007AMST 384/ HIST 308: Perspectives on Childhood and Adolescence (SS) SP2007Kriste Lindenmeyer
21461356339347AMST372_0101_SP2007AMST 372 American Food SP2007Warren Belasco
31531131834332AMST100_0101_SP200711-11:50 MWF AMST 100 Ideas and Images in American Culture (AH) SP2007Paula King, Elizabeth Hagovsky
41551219437329AMST374_0101_SP2007AMST 374 Things to Come: Perspectives on the Future SP2007Warren Belasco
5195918034270AMST321_0101_SP2007AMST 321 Radio in American Culture SP2007Jason Loviglio
6224878736244AMST325_0101_SP2007AMST 325 Studies in Popular Culture (AH) SP2007Paula King, Donald Snyder
7226390116243AMST222H_0101_SP2007AMST 222H Untitled Course SP2007Jason Loviglio
8261838838220AMST100_0201_SP2007AMST 100 Ideas and Images in American Culture (AH) SP2007Donald Snyder
9266712633215AMST222_0101_SP2007AMST 222 Introduction to Media Studies SP2007Paula King, Donald Snyder
10355312020156AMST290_0101_SP2007AMST 290 Approaches in American Studies SP2007Kathy Bryan
1153910831383AMST490_0101_SP2007AMST 490 Senior Seminar SP2007Paula King
1259418572768AMST310_0101_SP200710-11:15AM Tu/Thurs AMST 310 Gender and Inequality in America (AH) SP2007Elizabeth Hagovsky
1360824723865AMST382_0101_SP2007AMST 382 Perspectives on the Family (AH) SP2007Kathy Bryan
146876941449AMST404_0201_SP2007AMST 404 Internship SP2007Paula King
157942701027AMST357_0101_SP2007Sports and Media in American Society (section 0101)Kimberly Moffitt
1688511111AMST404_0701_SP2007AMST 404 Internship SP2007Jason Loviglio
17982111AMST404_0501_SP2007AMST 404 Internship SP2007Kimberly Moffitt