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Report Run On: December 12, 2007

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
11321248635356AMST200_0101_FA2007AMST 200 Multicultural America (Section 1)Kimberly Moffitt
2164436914312AMST495_0301_FA2007AMST 495 Honors Seminar in American Studies FA2007Warren Belasco, Kathy Bryan, Jason Loviglio, Carole Mccann, Patrice Mcdermott, William Orser, Dabrina Taylor, Paula King, Kimberly Moffitt
31932511493270AMST222_0101_FA2007AMST 222 Introduction to Media Studies (0101/0201) FA2007Paula King
4200998738262AMST391_0101_FA2007AMST 391 Studies in American Culture (0101/0201) FA2007Warren Belasco
5201522620261AMST222_0301_FA2007AMST 222 Introduction to Media Studies FA2007Donald Snyder, Jun Staff
6211803932251AMST210_0101_FA2007AMST 210 Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies FA2007Elizabeth Hagovsky
7253906141221AMST325_0101_FA2007AMST 325 Studies in Popular Culture FA2007Donald Snyder
8271837940209AMST357_0101_FA2007AMST 357 Special Topics in Communications, Media, and the Arts FA2007Donald Snyder
9407486336135AMST310_0201_FA2007AMST 310 Gender and Inequality in America FA2007Ingrid Sabio
1062624283765AMST322_0101_FA2007AMST 322 American Society and Culture in Film FA2007Dabrina Taylor
1163215542464AMST290_0101_FA2007AMST 290 Approaches in American Studies FA2007Kathy Bryan
1266514602656AMST420_0101_FA2007AMST 420 Seminar in Communication, Media, and the Arts FA2007Jason Loviglio, Thomas Schaller
1370517933649AMST380_0101_FA2007AMST 380 Community in America FA2007William Orser
148023471131AMST406_0201_FA2007AMST 406 Internship With Seminar FA2007Paula King
1589412386917AMST100_0101_FA2007AMST 100 Ideas and Images in American Culture (0101/0201) FA2007Kathy Bryan
1691613113AMST310_0101_FA2007AMST 310 Gender and Inequality in America FA2007Dabrina Taylor
1793410110AMST404_0201_FA2007AMST 404 Internship FA2007Paula King
18950818AMST303_0101_FA2007AMST 303 Ethnography in America FA2007Michael Hummel