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Report Run On: May 14, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1124504514360AMST480_0101_SP2008AMST 480/680/LLC 750A Community in America SP2008Joby Taylor, William Orser
21331402340350AMST200_0101_SP2008AMST 200 Multicultural America (0101) SP2008Kimberly Moffitt
31341504743349AMST372_0101_SP2008AMST 372 American Food SP2008Warren Belasco
4141978829337AMST357_0101_SP2008AMST 357: Culture and MediaKimberly Moffitt
51951067940266AMST200_0201_SP2008AMST 200 Multicultural America (0201) SP2008Kimberly Moffitt
62191035041252AMST325_0101_SP2008AMST 325 Studies in Popular Culture SP2008Donald Snyder
7271754735215AMST344_0101_SP2008AMST 344 Made in America: Material Culture in the United States SP2008Paula King
8380530237143AMST100_0101_SP2008AMST 100 Ideas and Images in American Culture SP2008Paula King
950235773699AMST310_0201_SP2008AMST 310 Gender and Inequality in America SP2008Ingrid Sabio
10525742892AMST496_0101_SP2008AMST 496 Honors Research in American Studies (All sections) SP2008Warren Belasco, Kathy Bryan, Jason Loviglio, Carole Mccann, Patrice Mcdermott, William Orser, Dabrina Taylor, Paula King, Kimberly Moffitt
1160332084472AMST392_0101_SP2008AMST 392 Studies in American Society SP2008William Orser
1260415312172AMST290_0101_SP2008AMST 290 Approaches in American Studies SP2008Kathy Bryan
136207511168AMST280_0101_SP2008AMST 280 Special Topics in American Studies SP2008Mary Dietrich
1462627384166AMST322_0101_SP2008AMST 322 American Society and Culture in Film SP2008Dabrina Taylor
1569610432052AMST490_0101_SP2008AMST 490 Senior Seminar SP2008Jason Loviglio
1678714304035AMST382_0101_SP2008AMST 382 Perspectives on the Family SP2008Kathy Bryan
178188532830AMST310_0101_SP2008AMST 310 Gender and Inequality in America SP2008Carole Mccann
18965717AMST404_0201_SP2008AMST 404 Internship SP2008Paula King