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Report Run On: May 13, 2009

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
11402394873328AMST355_0101_SP2009AMST 355/MCS 370 Special Topics in Culture and Policy SP2009Jason Loviglio, Roy Meyers, Jordanna Spencer
2219613425245AMST357A_0101_SP2009AMST 357A Culture and Media SP2009Kimberly Moffitt
3257499723217AMST356_0101_SP2009AMST 356 Special Topics in Community and Diversity SP2009Nicole King
4298602531194AMST290_0101_SP2009AMST 290 Approaches in American Studies (0101/0201) SP2009Kathy Bryan
5356643339164AMST357B_0201_SP2009AMST357B/0201 Sports and Media SP2009Kimberly Moffitt
6368615139157AMST357B_0101_SP2009AMST 357B/0101 Sports and Media SP2009Kimberly Moffitt
7377674044153AMST100_0201_SP2009AMST 100 Ideas and Images in American Culture SP2009Kirsten Crase
83781466096152AMST200_0101_SP2009AMST 200 Multicultural America (0101/0201) SP2009Tamara Bhalla
9427538839138AMST325_0101_SP2009AMST 325 Studies in Popular Culture SP2009Nicole King
1057011401387AMST410_0101_SP2009AMST 410 Seminar in Community and Diversity SP2009Tamara Bhalla
1158731663981AMST388_0101_SP2009AMST 388 American Environments: Landscape and Culture SP2009William Orser
1260834734577AMST100_0101_SP2009AMST 100 Ideas and Images in American Culture SP2009Kathy Bryan
1372322634155AMST392_0101_SP2009AMST 392 Studies in American Society SP2009William Orser
1481417824341AMST310_0101_SP2009AMST 310 / GWST 310 Gender and Inequality in America SP2009Dabrina Taylor
158515451536AMST490_0101_SP2009AMST 490 Senior Seminar SP2009Jason Loviglio
16852184536AMST404_0201_SP2009AMST 404 Internship SP2009Nicole King
17101965416AMST496_0401_SP2009AMST 496 Honors Research in American Studies SP2009William Orser
18102012607915AMST320_0101_SP2009AMST 320 Television in American Culture (0101/0201) SP2009Michael Hummel
191083717AMST400_0801_SP2009AMST 400 Independent Projects in American Studies SP2009Tamara Bhalla
201153111AMST350_0101_SP2009AMST 350 Critical Decades SP2009Duncan Campbell