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Report Run On: December 18, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
192257204359839AMST372_7016_FA2010AMST 372 American Food (01.7016) FA 2010Warren Belasco
2194161634238440AMST323_12350_FA2010AMST 323: Baltimore in Film-Fall 2010Kimberly Moffitt
322698322835135AFST460_12509_FA2010AFST 460/AMST 460: Seminar in Black Hair and Body Politics-Fall 2010Kimberly Moffitt
423967602033832AMST490_7020_FA2010AMST 490 Senior Seminar (1.7020) FA 2010Warren Belasco
5244108843332943AMST280_7540_FA2010AMST 280/EDUC 299/POLI 209/SOCY 298 Special Topics in American Studies/Educ/Poli/Socy (01.7540/01.5450/1.5168/1.3142) FA2010Delana Gregg, David Hoffman
6366103084423436AMST320_12800_FA2010AMST 320 Television in American Culture (03.12800) FA2010Jim Keys, Dabrina Taylor
7395111215022229AMST200_7002_FA2010AMST 200 Multicultural America (01.7002) FA2010Christine Muller
8416101844821229AMST310_7008_FA2010AMST 310/ GWST 310 Gender and Inequality in America (01.7008/1.5988) FA2010Dabrina Taylor
9538161619816438AMST100_6996_FA2010AMST 100/ 100Y Ideas and Images in American Culture (01.6996/02.6998/01.7530) FA2010(Paula) Nicole King
1069616941511213AMST300_12868_FA2010AMST 300 Approaches in American Studies (01.12868) FA2010Kathy Bryan
118731221177116AMST100Y_7530_FA2010AMST 100Y Ideas and Images in American Culture (01.7530) FA2010(Paula) Nicole King, Vicki Heath
129122468386426AMST210_7532_FA2010AMST 210/GWST 210 Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies (01.7532/1.2530) FA2010Jodi Kelber-Kaye
1311241961812410AMST320_7010_FA2010AMST 320 Television in American Culture (01.7010/02.7012) FA2010Michael Hummel
141147148563239AMST100_12348_FA2010AMST 100 Ideas and Images in American Culture (03.12348) FA2010Duncan Campbell
15120173644167AMST382_7018_FA2010AMST 382/GWST 382 Perspectives on the Family (01.7018/1.8394) FA2010Kathy Bryan
1612753844094AMST391_7104_FA2010AMST 391 Studies in American Culture (01.7104) FA2010Duncan Campbell
1713532121AMST404_9148_FA2010AMST 404 Internship (05.9148) FA2010Jason Loviglio