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Report Run On: December 14, 2011

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
119735091035037AMST464_13870_FA2011AMST 464 Immigration Nation: Examining Narratives of Immigration to the U.S. (01.13870) FA2011Tamara Bhalla
2204172665133839AMST388_12599_FA2011AMST 388 American Environments: Landscape and Culture Fall 2011Rita Turner
3247114213830040AMST205_13915_FA2011AMST 205 Civic Agency and Social Entrepreneurship (01.13915/POLI205_13914/SOCY205_13916) FA2011Delana Gregg, David Hoffman
4263117344128631AMST200_9737_FA2011AMST 200: Multicultural America-Fall 2011Kimberly Moffitt, Emerald Christopher
5288227948526836AMST375_13868_FA2011AMST 375 Studies in Asian American Culture (01.13868/02.13869) FA2011Tamara Bhalla
6344116715023323AMST323_12596_FA2011AMST 323: Baltimore in Film-Fall 2011Kimberly Moffitt
7362101064621930AMST310_9738_FA2011AMST 310 Gender and Inequality in America (01.9738/GWST310_9246) FA2011Dabrina Taylor
846472974217328AMST324_13866_FA2011AMST 324 The Road Movie in America and Abroad (01.13866) FA2011(Paula) Nicole King
947228971717039AMST300_13093_FA2011AMST 300 Approaches in American Studies (01.13093) FA2011(Paula) Nicole King, Emerald Christopher
1049280444916438AMST358_13867_FA2011AMST 358 Special Topics in American Signs (01.13867) FA2011Andrew Devos
1157155784013926AMST320_13035_FA2011AMST 320 Television in American Culture (03.13035) FA2011Dabrina Taylor
1258390666713528AMST100_9735_FA2011AMST 100 Introduction to American Studies (01.9735) FA2011Christine Muller
1362854324512030AMST200_13865_FA2011AMST 200 Multicultural America (02.13865) FA2011Emerald Christopher, Theodore Gonzalves
1467642894010727AMST210_9991_FA2011AMST 210 Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies (01.9991/GWST210_7849) FA2011Kathryn Drabinski
158253692507319AMST391_9782_FA2011AMST 391 Studies in American Culture (01.9782) FA2011Theodore Gonzalves
1686679312668AMST490_9743_FA2011AMST 490 Senior Seminar (1.9743) FA2011Kathy Bryan, Emerald Christopher
179831812434211AMST100_9736_FA2011AMST 100 Introduction to American Studies (02.9736/AMST100Y_9990) FA2011Kathy Bryan, Emerald Christopher
1810441705343AMST495_9744_FA2011AMST 495 Honors Seminar in American Studies (1.9744) FA2011Kathy Bryan, Carole Mccann, (Paula) Nicole King, Kimberly Moffitt, Tamara Bhalla, Theodore Gonzalves
1911082041832410AMST320_9739_FA2011AMST 320 Television in American Culture (01.9739/02.9740) FA2011Michael Hummel
20112850924216AMST100Y_9990_FA2011AMST 100Y Ideas and Images in American Culture (01.9990) FA2011Kathy Bryan, Laila Shishineh, Emerald Christopher