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Report Run On: December 19, 2009

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1541541444123ANTH397_1.4454_FA2009ANTH 397 / SOCY 352 - Selected Topics in Anthropology FA2009Sarah Chard
2565403134118ANTH311_1.1378_FA2009ANTH 311 Urban Anthropology FA2009Sarah Chard
3566575949117ANTH211_1.1375_FA2009ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology FA2009Margaret Grieves
4567601151117ANTH211_2.1376_FA2009ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology FA2009Bambi Chapin
55761049391115ANTH211_3.5469_FA2009ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology (3.5469/4.2128) FA2009Alejandra Hurtado De Mendoza Casaus, Laura Myford
671236784385ANTH314_1.1379_FA2009ANTH 314 Psychological Anthropology FA2009Bambi Chapin
772612431582ANTH211_5.6153_FA2009ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology FA2009Terilee Edwards-Hewitt
878937535272ANTH312_1.2129_FA2009ANTH 312 Medical Anthropology FA2009Seth Messinger
91304616ANTH401H_1.1388_FA2009ANTH 401H Honors Thesis Research FA2009Bambi Chapin
101426111ANTH302_1.5406_FA2009ANTH 302 Human Evolution, Physical Anthropology and Archaeology FA2009Paul Donato