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Report Run On: May 13, 2009

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1154503916314ART384_0101_SP2009ART 384 Introduction to 3D Computer Animation SP2009Frank Mcintyre
2181432216270ART624_0101_SP2009ART 624 Contemporary Art, Theory, and Criticism SP2009Preminda Jacob
3238924040231ART323_0101_SP2009ART 323 20th Century Art SP2009James Smalls
4274248312206ART484_0201_SP2009ART 484 Advanced 3D Computer Animation SP2009Dan Bailey
5295312616195ART362_0101_SP2009ART 362 Black and White Photography SP2009Steven Silberg
6305301516188ART423_0101_SP2009ART 423 Art Since 1945 SP2009Preminda Jacob
7441172113132ART382_0201_SP2009ART 382 Introduction to Interactive Media SP2009Tronster Hartley
8459187715125ART488_0101_SP2009ART 488 Adv Topics in AIM VISUAL SYMPHONY SP09Eric Dyer
9472201117118ART361_0101_SP2009ART 361 Digital Darkroom SP2009Calla Thompson
10483289525115ART341_0101_SP2009ART 341 Introduction to Animation (0101/0201) SP2009Eric Dyer
11523153415102ART212_0101_SP2009ART 212 Visual Concepts III/Three Dimensional Form, Space and Interaction SP2009Stephen Bradley
1258227193382ART211_0201_SP2009ART 211 Visual Concepts II/Camera Vision (0201/0301) SP2009Lynn Cazabon
1358914471880ART211_0101_SP2009ART 211 Visual Concepts II/Camera Vision SP2009John Farrell
146097671076ART792_0102_SP2009ART 792 Thesis and Exhibition Preparation SP2009Calla Thompson, Vincent Grabill, Timothy Nohe, Stephen Bradley, Mark Durant, Frederic Worden
1565846147065ART325_0101_SP2009ART 325 History of Film and Video: 1965 to Present SP2009John Sturgeon
1665931464865ART321_0101_SP2009ART 321 19th Century Art SP2009James Smalls
177136911257ART447_0101_SP2009ART 447 Special Effects and Motion Graphics SP2009Jenny Sheppard
1873615683052ART332_0101_SP2009ART 332 Graphic Design II: Computers For Designers (0101/0201) SP2009Ari Rosenberg
1976320364248ART343_0101_SP2009ART 343 History of Animation SP2009Frederic Worden
2078117963946ART323_0201_SP2009ART 323 20th Century Art SP2009Jason Fagan
217855961345ART387_0101_SP2009ART 387 Expression in Time and Motion SP2009Jenny Sheppard
227865421245ART492_0101_SP2009ART 492 Topics in Art or Media II SP2009Jason Rosenberg
237879042045ART489A_0101_SP2009ART 489A Senior Projects SP2009Lynn Cazabon
248129282242ART331_0101_SP2009ART 331 Graphic Design I (0101/0201) SP2009Kathryn Bell
2583738138ART314_0101_SP2009ART 314 Drawing II SP2009Irene Chan
26850324936ART305_0101_SP2009ART 305 Film I: Moving Images SP2009Frederic Worden
278757602333ART430_0101_SP2009ART 430 Graphic Design VI: Advanced Typography SP2009Margaret Re
288923031030ART368_0101_SP2009ART 368 Digital Alternatives SP2009Chris Peregoy
299085422027ART369_0101_SP2009ART 369 Topics in Photography SP2009Mark Durant
309173181226ART435A_0101_SP2009ART 435A Untitled Course SP2009John Sturgeon
3191810434125ART327_0101_SP2009ART 327 Contemporary Directions in Photography SP2009Mark Durant
3291925125ART214_0101_SP2009ART 214 Drawing I/Beginning Drawing SP2009Irene Chan
3393848224ART495_0101_SP2009ART 495 Independent Studio Research SP2009Dan Bailey
3496222122ART382_0101_SP2009ART 382 Introduction to Interactive Media SP2009Neal McDonald
3598720120ART639_0102_SP2009ART 639 Teaching Intern SP2009Stephen Bradley
36988135719ART640_0101_SP2009ART 640 Imaging and Digital Studio SP2009Mark Durant
379892791419ART213_0201_SP2009ART 213 Visual Concepts IV/Time-Based Media SP2009Lisa Moren, James Mayhew
3810341981414ART213_0101_SP2009ART 213 Visual Concepts IV/Time-Based Media SP2009Jorge Rios
3910393682813ART213_0301_SP2009ART 213 Visual Concepts IV/Time-Based Media (0301/0401) SP2009Lisa Moren, James Mayhew
40104013113ART210_0301_SP2009ART 210 Visual Concepts I (0301/0401) SP2009Nicole Shiflet
411041105813ART740_0101_SP2009ART 740 Advanced Imaging and Digital Studio SP2009Mark Durant
42105411111ART212_0201_SP2009ART 212 Visual Concepts III/Three Dimensional Form, Space and Interaction (0201/0401) SP2009Shannon Young
431114414ART496_0101_SP2009ART 496 Imaging Research Center Internship SP2009Dan Bailey
441122313ART649E_0101_SP2009ART 649E Untitled Course SP2009Kathryn Bell, Jenny Sheppard
451123313ART491_0102_SP2009ART 491 Special Studies SP2009Stephen Bradley
461124313ART392A_0101_SP2009ART 392A Untitled Course SP2009Kathryn Bell, Viviana Cordova
471159111ART494_0115_SP2009ART 494 Internship SP2009Margaret Re
481160111ART495_0149_SP2009ART 495 Independent Studio Research SP2009Eric Dyer