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Report Run On: May 14, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
11421161035331ART323_01.1098_SP2010ART 323 20th Century Art SP2010James Smalls
2241394517232ART212_01.1081_SP2010ART 212 Visual Concepts III/Three Dimensional Form, Space and Interaction SP2010Stephen Bradley
325117798222ART429_03.1197_SP2010ART 429 Seminar in Art History and Theory SP2010Preminda Jacob
4300334817196ART423_01.1195_SP2010ART 423 Art Since 1945 SP2010Preminda Jacob
5321238013183ART384_01.1187_SP2010ART 384 Introduction to 3D Computer Animation SP2010James Zuber
6334688839176ART323_02.1099_SP2010ART 323 20th Century Art SP2010Preminda Jacob, Joe Clark
7422266918148ART211_01.1077_SP2010ART 211 Visual Concepts II/Camera Vision SP2010Calla Thompson, Christopher Peters
8423416628148ART341_01.1172_SP2010ART 341 Introduction to Animation (01.1172/02.1173) SP2010Eric Dyer
9448262719138ART211_02.1078_SP2010ART 211 Visual Concepts II/Camera Vision SP2010Jill Fannon
10494220018122ART484_01.1203_SP2010ART 484 Advanced 3D Computer Animation SP2010Dan Bailey
11504205117120ART361_01.1177_SP2010ART 361 Digital Darkroom SP2010Calla Thompson, Christopher Peters
12544139513107ART314_01.1095_SP2010ART 314 Drawing II SP2010Irene Chan
13555157615105ART366_01.6125_SP2010ART 366 Documentary Photography SP2010Lynn Cazabon
1459438764096ART321_01.1097_SP2010ART 321 19th Century Art SP2010James Smalls, Bodil Ottesen
1563816581987ART213_01.1086_SP2010ART 213 Visual Concepts IV/Time-Based Media SP2010Christian Valiente
1666117482183ART214_01.1090_SP2010ART 214 Drawing I/Beginning Drawing SP2010Irene Chan
1767212901680ART387_01.1188_SP2010ART 387 Expression in Time and Motion SP2010Jenny Sheppard
1871413581971ART211_03.1079_SP2010ART 211 Visual Concepts II/Camera Vision SP2010Lynn Cazabon
1972451677568ART325_01.1100_SP2010ART 325 History of Film and Video: 1965 to Present SP2010John Sturgeon
2072515062268ART336_01.6157_SP2010ART 336 Design and Technology II: Screen (01.6157/02.6159) SP2010Kathryn Bell
217439141465ART212_03.1083_SP2010ART 212 Visual Concepts III/Three Dimensional Form, Space and Interaction SP2010Sam Sheffield, Joseph Faura
2275924303863ART332_01.1104_SP2010ART 332 Design and Technology I: Print (01.1104/02.1105) SP2010Ari Rosenberg
237638731462ART305_01.1094_SP2010ART 305 Film I: Moving Images SP2010Christian Valiente
2479726484558ART343_01.1174_SP2010ART 343 History of Animation SP2010Frederic Worden
25849249549ART429_02.1196_SP2010ART 429 Seminar in Art History and Theory SP2010Mark Durant
26897394943ART720_02.6211_SP2010ART 720 Seminar in Art History and Theory SP2010Mark Durant
278996821642ART210_02.1074_SP2010ART 210 Visual Concepts I SP2010Natalia Panfile
2890912733141ART212_02.1082_SP2010ART 212 Visual Concepts III/Three Dimensional Form, Space and Interaction (02.1082/04.1084) SP2010Shannon Young
299104521141ART492_01.1208_SP2010ART 492 Topics in Art or Media II SP2010Jason Rosenberg
309115851441ART368_01.1180_SP2010ART 368 Digital Alternatives SP2010Chris Peregoy
319244791239ART488_01.1204_SP2010ART 488 Advanced Topics in Animation and Interactive Media SP2010Eric Dyer
32925520213339ART220_01.1092_SP2010ART 220 Art History I SP2010Joan Feldman
339456381737ART334_02.1171_SP2010ART 334 Graphic Design IV: Word and Image SP2010Kathryn Bell
349718522534ART430_01.1198_SP2010ART 430 Graphic Design VI: Advanced Typography SP2010Margaret Re
3597933133ART333_01.1106_SP2010ART 333 Typography I (01.1106/02.1107) SP2010Susan Campbell
369805991833ART362_01.1179_SP2010ART 362 Black and White Photography SP2010Chris Peregoy
371039288311824ART221_01.1093_SP2010ART 221 Art History II SP2010Bodil Ottesen
3810404351824ART213_03.1088_SP2010ART 213 Visual Concepts IV/Time-Based Media SP2010James Mayhew
39104112185024ART327_01.1101_SP2010ART 327 Contemporary Directions in Photography SP2010Mark Durant
40108383420ART740_1.1259_SP2010ART 740 Advanced Imaging and Digital Studio SP2010John Sturgeon
4110843771820ART489_01.1205_SP2010ART 489 SENIOR PROJECTS SP2010Mark Durant
4210892321219ART210_05.7847_SP2010ART 210 Visual Concepts I (05.7847)Irene Chan, Lisa Moren, Timothy Nohe, Symmes Gardner, cathy cook
43110417117ART331_01.1102_SP2010ART 331 Graphic Design I: Image, Sign and Symbol (01.1102/02.1103) SP2010Joseph Coates
4411051711017ART375_01.1182_SP2010ART 375 Photographic/Digital Processes in Printmaking SP2010Calvin Custen
4511164482816ART213_02.1087_SP2010ART 213 Visual Concepts IV/Time-Based Media (02.1087/04.1089) SP2010Lisa Moren, John Sturgeon, Christine Ferrera
461126141915ART489_03.7835_SP2010ART 489 SENIOR PROJECTS SP2010John Sturgeon
471195919ART494_32.7006_SP2010ART 494 Internship SP2010Sandra Abbott
4812094467ART640_1.1245_SP2010ART 640 Imaging and Digital Studio SP2010John Sturgeon
491241515ART720_03.6210_SP2010ART 720 Seminar in Art History and Theory SP2010Preminda Jacob
501274212ART638_32.7620_SP2010ART 638 Teaching Practicum SP2010Sandra Abbott