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Report Run On: May 14, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1741105622502CMPE310_1.1392_SP2010CMPE 310 Systems Design and Programming (1.1392/2.1393/3.1394) SP2010Reza Mohammadpourrad
210711993399CMPE491_3.6356_SP2010CMPE 491 Special Topics in Computer Engineering SP2010Gary Carter
3187397614284CMPE212_01.1385_SP2010CMPE 212 Principles of Digital Design (01.1385/02.1386/3.1387) SP2010David Casale
42021168344265CMPE320_1.1406_SP2010CMPE 320 Probability, Statistics, and Random Processes SP2010E F Charles LaBerge
5214868434255CMPE330_1.1408_SP2010CMPE 330 Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission SP2010Curtis Menyuk
62291043743242CMPE306_01.1388_SP2010CMPE 306/ENEE 302 Introductory Circuit Theory (01.1388/02.1389) SP2010Fow-Sen Choa
723419118238CMPE422_1.1409_SP2010CMPE 422 Digital Signal Processing SP2010E F Charles LaBerge
8537361833109CMPE314_01.1398_SP2010CMPE 314 Principles of Eletronic Circuits (01.1398/02.1399) SP2010Fow-Sen Choa, Li Yan
959614301595CMPE491_2.6352_SP2010CMPE 491 / CMPE 691 Special Topics in Computer Engineering SP2010Reza Mohammadpourrad
1010484181823CMPE451_01.1410_SP2010CMPE 451 Capstone II (01.1410/02.5828) SP2010Chintan Patel, E F Charles LaBerge, John Pinkston
1111421881314CMPE691_3.5981_SP2010CMPE 691 Special Topics in Computer Engineering SP2010
121259414CMPE306T_1.6198_SP2010CMPE 306T Introductory Circuit Theory Lab SP2010Fow-Sen Choa