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Report Run On: May 16, 2011

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1147151663938854CMPE306_1005_SP2011CMPE 306/306T/ ENEE 302 Introductory Circuit Theory (01.1005/02.1006/03.8052/CMPE306T_2039/ENEE302 01.1147) SP2011Kevin Pritchard
2157128593437839CMPE685_8005_SP2011CMPE 685 Principles of Communication Networks (01.8005) SP2011John Maccarthy
317977372235174CMPE422_1018_SP2011CMPE 422 Digital Signal Processing (1.1018) SP2011E F Charles LaBerge
421591843030658CMPE330_1017_SP2011CMPE 330 Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission (1.1017) SP2011Curtis Menyuk, Robert Weiblen
5253116354327059CMPE320_1015_SP2011CMPE 320 Probability, Statistics, and Random Processes (1.1015) SP2011E F Charles LaBerge
635459772722137CMPE491_1020_SP2011CMPE 491 Special Topics in Computer Engineering (1.1020/CMPE691_1027) SP2011Gymama Slaughter
739358672920233CMPE620_7884_SP2011CMPE 620 Introduction to Cybersecurity (01.7884/CYBR620_7817) SP2011Michael Huhn
845533271917545CMPE314_1010_SP2011CMPE 314 Principles of Eletronic Circuits (01.1010) SP2011Li Yan
960449293912628CMPE451_1019_SP2011CMPE 451 Capstone II (01.1019/02.2016) SP2011E F Charles LaBerge
1062834372911814CMPE620_8100_SP2011CMPE 620 Introduction to Cybersecurity (02.8100/CYBR620_8092) SP2011Terry Thompson, Richard Forno
111169101103CMPE491_2076_SP2011CMPE 491 Special Topics in Computer Engineering (2.2076/CMPE691_2025) SP2011Tinoosh Mohsenin