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Report Run On: May 14, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1414962671698CMSC421_0101_SP2008CMSC 421 (0101/0201) Principles of Operating Systems SP2008Yelena Yesha, Anupam Joshi
2523114249635CMSC104_0401_SP2008 CMSC 104 Problem Solving and Computer Programming (0401) SP2008Gary Burt
3802208446480CMSC104_0101_SP2008CMSC 104 Problem Solving and Computer Programming (0101) SP2008Gary Burt
41382286367341CMSC313_0101_SP2008CMSC 313 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming (0101/0201) SP2008Gary Burt, Janet Gethmann, Reza Mohammadpourrad
51681092736303CMSC345_0101_SP2008CMSC 345 Software Design and Development SP2008Susan Mitchell, Sa'ad Raouf
6206468318260CMSC411_0201_SP2008CMSC 411 Computer Architecture SP2008David Casale
727830762145212CMSC202_0101_SP2008CMSC 202 Computer Science II for Majors (0101/0102/0201/0202/0301/0302/0401/0402) SP2008Susan Mitchell, Dennis Frey
8335427025170CMSC352_0101_SP2008CMSC 352 Women, Gender, and Information Technology SP2008Michelle Benvenga
9465290426111CMSC451_0101_SP2008CMSC 451 Automata Theory and Formal Languages SP2008Arthur Stephens
10471624157109CMSC331_0201_SP2008CMSC 331 Principles of Programming Language SP2008Sergei Nirenburg
11472501046108CMSC411_0101_SP2008CMSC 411 Computer Architecture SP2008Jon Squire
12498502850100CMSC481_0101_SP2008CMSC 481 Computer Networks SP2008Mohamed Younis
1352234713793CMSC345_0201_SP2008CMSC 345 Software Design and Development SP2008Susan Mitchell, Shon Vick
145769541279CMSC443H_0101_SP2008CMSC 443H Untitled Course SP2008Arthur Stephens
1559529023974CMSC304_0101_SP2008CMSC 304 Social and Ethical Issues in Information Technology SP2008Richard Wilson
1659611951674CMSC491A_0101_SP2008CMSC 491A/691A Introduction to Cell Processors & Applications SP2008Yelena Yesha, John Dorband
1762524483766CMSC437_0101_SP2008CMSC 437 Graphical User Interface Programming SP2008Jon Squire
1864163163CMSC491S_0101_SP2008CMSC 491S/691S Social Web TechnologiesLik Chen
1964222673662CMSC203_0301_SP2008CMSC 203 Discrete Structures SP2008Alan Sherman
2066217883059CMSC491W_0101_SP2008CMSC 491W 691W Human Aware Wearable Computing SP2008Zary Segall
21757201540CMSC444_0101_SP2008CMSC 444/644 Information Assurance SP2008Alan Sherman
22758352939CMSC661_0101_SP2008CMSC 661 Principles of Database Systems SP2008Konstantin Kalpakis
2382011914129CMSC203_0201_SP2008CMSC 203 Discrete Structures SP2008Richard Chang
248369453527CMSC641_0101_SP2008CMSC 641 Design and Analysis of Algorithms SP2008Richard Chang
2590615115CMSC441_0201_SP2008CMSC 441 Design and Analysis of Algorithms. SP2008Samuel Lomonaco
2692426213CMSC341_0101_SP2008CMSC 341 Data Structures SP2008Ryan Bergeron, Yun Peng
27966717CMSC699_0154_SP2008CMSC 699 Independent Study in Computer Science SP2008Milton Halem
28990515CMSC331_0101_SP2008CMSC 331 Principles of Programming Language SP2008Shon Vick
291019313CMSC435_0101_SP2008CMSC 435 Computer Graphics SP2008Thomas Olano
301022212CMSC202_0401_SP2008CMSC 202 Computer Science II for Majors (0401/0402) SP2008Susan Mitchell