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Report Run On: May 16, 2007

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
11615681141120EHS676_0101_SP2007EHS 676 EHS Management of Reimbursement SP2007Richard Bissell, Frank Heyman, Stephen Dean
2261050911955EHS650_0101_SP2007EHS 650 EHS System Design & Contracting SP2007Stephen Dean
3461090416681EHS632_0101_SP2007EHS 632 Disaster Health Services SP2007Richard Bissell, Jason Paluck, Stephan Reissman
45642657609EHS661_0101_SP2007EHS 661 Educational Issues In Emergency Health Services SP2007Bruce Walz
5125529614378EHS638_0101_SP2007EHS 638 Disaster Preparedness SP2007Richard Bissell, Jason Paluck, Ryan Miller, Stephen Dean
6257265512221EHS476_0101_SP2007EHS 476 Introduction to Trauma Emergencies SP2007Dwight Polk, Bruce Walz
7381201814144EHS302_0101_SP2007EHS 302 Clinical Concepts and Practice SP2007Michael Fayer
851749195491EHS200_0101_SP2007EHS 200 Concepts of Emergency Health Services SP2007Bruce Walz
96766341252EHS310_0101_SP2007EHS 310 Seminar in Emergency Health Service Management SP2007Stephen Dean
106806221251EHS350_0101_SP2007EHS 350 Supervision and Operations in Emergency Health Service Systems SP2007Stephen Dean
116957961746EHS351_0101_SP2007EHS 351 Financial Management, Budgeting and Resource Allocation for Emergency Health Administrators. SP2007Stephen Dean
1288311111EHS790_0301_SP2007EHS 790 Research Project SP2007Richard Bissell
13946515EHS999_0101_SP2007EHS 999 Leave of Absence SP2007Richard Bissell