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Report Run On: May 13, 2009

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1618678131436EHS720_0101_SP2009EHS 720 Emergency Health Services Quality Assessment SP2009Brian Maguire, Jason Paluck, Mike Taigman
2361099214785EHS650_0101_SP2009EHS 650 EHS System Design and Contracting SP2009Brian Maguire, Stephen Dean, Michael Gunderson
353874515583EHS632_0101_SP2009EHS 632 Disaster Health Services SP2009Richard Bissell, Jason Paluck, Stephan Reissman
478567912473EHS637_0101_SP2009EHS 637 Disaster Recovery SP2009Richard Bissell, Jason Paluck
59620975419EHS661_0101_SP2009EHS 661 Educational Issues In Emergency Health Services SP2009Bruce Walz
6425290621138EHS310_0101_SP2009EHS 310 Seminar in Emergency Health Service Management SP2009Bruce Walz
745411409126EHS350_0101_SP2009EHS 350 Supervision and Operations in Emergency Health Service Systems SP2009Bruce Walz
8471451238118EHS345_0101_SP2009EHS 345/SOCY 359 Death and Dying SP2009Tracy Cumberland
953126872799EHS330_0101_SP2009EHS 330 Management of Search and Rescue Operations SP2009Jeffrey Mitchell, jeffrey mitchell, Coleman Brown
1055411151292EHS351_0101_SP2009EHS 351 Financial Management, Budgeting and Resource Allocation for Emergency Health Administrators. SP2009Kurt Krumperman
1161932124473EHS200_0101_SP2009EHS 200 Concepts of Emergency Health Services SP2009Kurt Krumperman
1266115652465EHS302_0101_SP2009EHS 302 Clinical Concepts and Practice SP2009Michael Fayer
13662327565EHS451_0101_SP2009EHS 451 Field Experience in Emergency Health Services Systems SP2009Kurt Krumperman
14709346657EHS450_0101_SP2009EHS 450 Emergency Health Services Practicum and Seminar SP2009Kurt Krumperman
157157331356EHS311_0101_SP2009EHS 311 Stress and Burnout: Personal and Professional Issues SP2009Jeffrey Mitchell, jeffrey mitchell
1673951151EHS658_0101_SP2009EHS 658 Materials and Fleet Management SP2009Brian Maguire
17790362845EHS483_0101_SP2009EHS 483 ALS Field and Clinical Experience III SP2009Michael Cooney
189832301120EHS481_0101_SP2009EHS 481 ALS Field and Clinical Experience I SP2009Michael Cooney
1910002621418EHS360_0101_SP2009EHS 360 Instructional Issues in Emergency Health Services SP2009Jeffrey Mitchell, jeffrey mitchell
201093616EHS490_0501_SP2009EHS 490 Independent Study SP2009Kurt Krumperman