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Report Run On: May 14, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1316175111470EHS691_01.5891_SP2010EHS 691 Business Development and Strategic Planning (01.5891/02.5902) SP2010Rick Bissell, Brian Maguire, Bruce Walz
243933113717EHS642_01.5889_SP2010EHS 642 Event-Driven Resource Deployment (01.5889/02.5900) SP2010Rick Bissell, Stephen Dean
3571161520580EHS636_01.5888_SP2010EHS 636 Disaster Response (01.5888/02.5899) SP2010Rick Bissell, Jim Keys, Christopher Peters
48735898448EHS637_02.6955_SP2010EHS 637 Disaster Recovery (02.6955/1.1888) SP2010Rick Bissell
598466211423EHS632_01.1887_SP2010EHS 632 Disaster Health Services (01.1887/02.5898) SP2010Rick Bissell
6203526220263EHS476_01.1879_SP2010EHS 476 Introduction to Trauma Emergencies SP2010Dwight Polk, Bruce Walz, Gary Williams
72197513250EHS661_01.1891_SP2010EHS 661 Educational Issues In Emergency Health Services (01.1891/02.5901) SP2010Bruce Walz
8403184412153EHS350_01.1872_SP2010EHS 350 Supervision and Operations in Emergency Health Service Systems SP2010Bruce Walz
9536131712109EHS310_01.1868_SP2010EHS 310 Seminar in Emergency Health Service Management SP2010Bruce Walz, Kurt Krumperman
1058317641898EHS330_01.1870_SP2010EHS 330 Management of Search and Rescue Operations SP2010Bruce Walz, jeffrey mitchell, Coleman Brown
1160453735794EHS200_01.1866_SP2010EHS 200 Concepts of Emergency Health Services SP2010Kurt Krumperman
1261417631992EHS474_01.1878_SP2010EHS 474 Introduction to Medical Emergencies SP2010Dwight Polk, Gary Williams
1364014951787EHS351_01.1873_SP2010EHS 351 Financial Management, Budgeting and Resource Allocation for Emergency Health Administrators. SP2010Kurt Krumperman
14720485769EHS483_01.1883_SP2010EHS 483 ALS Field and Clinical Experience III SP2010Gary Williams
157218941368EHS360_01.1874_SP2010EHS 360 Instructional Issues in Emergency Health Services SP2010Bruce Walz, Crista Lenk, jeffrey mitchell
1676413792262EHS302_01.1867_SP2010EHS 302 Clinical Concepts and Practice SP2010Gary Williams, Michael Fayer
17827107253EHS450_01.1876_SP2010EHS 450 Emergency Health Services Practicum and Seminar SP2010Kurt Krumperman
18838456950EHS311_01.1869_SP2010EHS 311 Stress and Burnout: Personal and Professional Issues SP2010jeffrey mitchell, Tak-Ching Zhang
198479451949EHS477_01.1880_SP2010EHS 477 Special Populations in EHS SP2010Dwight Polk, Gary Williams
208888411944EHS478_01.1881_SP2010EHS 478 Field Operations in EMS SP2010Dwight Polk, Gary Williams
219616041735EHS481_01.1882_SP2010EHS 481 ALS Field and Clinical Experience I SP2010Gary Williams
22990184630EHS492_01.1885_SP2010EHS 492 Senior Paramedic Seminar II SP2010Gary Williams
231235515EHS490_07.5896_SP2010EHS 490 Independent Study SP2010Gary Williams
241237515EHS700_01.1893_SP2010EHS 700 Systems Practicum SP2010Rick Bissell
251285111EHS699_01.1892_SP2010EHS 699 Independent Study SP2010Rick Bissell