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Report Run On: May 16, 2011

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1225416112310121EHS720_2721_SP2011EHS 720 Emergency Health Services Quality Assessment (01.2721/02.7801) SP2011Brian Maguire, Mike Taigman
231925392139121EHS658_2717_SP2011EHS 658 Materials and Fleet Management (01.2717/02.3993) SP2011Brian Maguire, William Vidacovich
3356023786073EHS650_2716_SP2011EHS 650 EHS System Design and Contracting (01.2716/02.3992) SP2011Brian Maguire, Michael Gunderson
46568131161965EHS632_2714_SP2011EHS 632 Disaster Health Services (01.2714/02.3955) SP2011Rick Bissell
51402848740660EHS637_2715_SP2011EHS 637 Disaster Recovery (01.2715/02.4457) SP2011Rick Bissell
627177723025951EHS350_2699_SP2011EHS 350 Supervision and Operations in Emergency Health Service Systems (01.2699) SP2011Bruce Walz
752551643415134EHS351_2700_SP2011EHS 351 Financial Management, Budgeting and Resource Allocation for Emergency Health Administrators. (01.2700) SP2011Bruce Walz, Kurt Krumperman
853719081314622EHS302_2695_SP2011EHS 302 Clinical Concepts and Practice (01.2695) SP2011Gary Williams
961721831812137EHS475_7793_SP2011EHS 475 Managing Respiratory and Critically Ill Patients (01.7793) SP2011Dwight Polk
1063432552811621EHS330_2698_SP2011EHS 330 Management of Search and Rescue Operations (01.2698) SP2011Bruce Walz, jeffrey mitchell, Coleman Brown
1168350644910334EHS200_2694_SP2011EHS 200 Concepts of Emergency Health Services (01.2694) SP2011Kurt Krumperman
1269212191210120EHS310_2696_SP2011EHS 310 Seminar in Emergency Health Service Management (01.2696) SP2011Bruce Walz, Kurt Krumperman
138021154157623EHS483_2710_SP2011EHS 483 ALS Field and Clinical Experience III (01.2710) SP2011Gary Williams
1488324746113EHS450_2703_SP2011EHS 450 Emergency Health Services Practicum and Seminar (01.2703) SP2011Rick Bissell, Kurt Krumperman
158891027176024EHS481_2709_SP2011EHS 481 ALS Field and Clinical Experience I (01.2709) SP2011Gary Williams
168971075185925EHS477_2707_SP2011EHS 477 Special Populations in EHS (01.2707) SP2011Dwight Polk
179321283245315EHS311_2697_SP2011EHS 311 Stress and Burnout: Personal and Professional Issues (01.2697) SP2011jeffrey mitchell
18978900214212EHS360_2701_SP2011EHS 360 Instructional Issues in Emergency Health Services (01.2701) SP2011Crista Lenk, jeffrey mitchell
19979767184220EHS478_2708_SP2011EHS 478 Field Operations in EMS (01.2708) SP2011Dwight Polk
201004521143710EHS400_2702_SP2011EHS 400 Emergency Health Services Theory and Practice II (01.2702) SP2011John Ashworth
21107238715259EHS492_2712_SP2011EHS 492 Senior Paramedic Seminar II (01.2712) SP2011Gary Williams