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Report Run On: May 18, 2012

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1121421412118476EHS691_3473_SP2012EHS 691 Business Development and Strategic Planning (01.3473/02.3484) SP2012Rick Bissell, Margarita Tsionsky, Glenn Leland
2151944218108093EHS632_2420_SP2012EHS 632 Disaster Health Services (01.2420/02.3480) SP2012Rick Bissell, Meghan Lusby-Treber, Margarita Tsionsky
34298271189373EHS642_3472_SP2012EHS 642 Event-Driven Resource Deployment (01.3472) SP2012Rick Bissell, Stephen Dean, Margarita Tsionsky
411752291052261EHS636_3471_SP2012EHS 636 Disaster Response (01.3471/02.3481) SP2012Rick Bissell
51504079945340EHS634_7462_SP2012EHS 634 Disaster Mitigation (01.7462/02.7463) SP2012Rick Bissell
627956181831232EHS352_7803_SP2012EHS 352 Microcomputer Applications in Health Services Management. (01.7803) SP2012Luke Hodgson
73461555625928EHS450_2409_SP2012EHS 450 Emergency Health Services Practicum and Seminar (01.2409) SP2012D. C. Flint
8439195499121452EHS200_2400_SP2012EHS 200 Concepts of Emergency Health Services (01.2400) SP2012D. C. Flint
948856692919537EHS351_2406_SP2012EHS 351 Financial Management, Budgeting and Resource Allocation for Emergency Health Administrators. (01.2406) SP2012D. C. Flint
1060556813715348EHS350_2405_SP2012EHS 350 Supervision and Operations in Emergency Health Service Systems (01.2405) SP2012Bruce Walz
1167813101013132EHS310_2402_SP2012EHS 310 Seminar in Emergency Health Service Management (01.2402) SP2012Bruce Walz
128131806199518EHS330_2404_SP2012EHS 330 Management of Search and Rescue Operations (01.2404) SP2012Sue Brown, jeffrey mitchell, Coleman Brown
139491482226726EHS475_6657_SP2012EHS 475 Managing Respiratory and Critically Ill Patients (01.6657) SP2012Dwight Polk, Gary Williams
149911783596EHS661_2424_SP2012EHS 661 Educational Issues In Emergency Health Services (01.2424/02.3483) SP2012Bruce Walz
1599934665711EHS303_8128_SP2012EHS 303 Clinical Concepts and Practice II (01.8128) SP2012Gary Williams, Deanna Wiseman
161023843165217EHS360_2407_SP2012EHS 360 Instructional Issues in Emergency Health Services (01.2407) SP2012Crista Lenk, jeffrey mitchell
1710281755345122EHS311_2403_SP2012EHS 311 Stress and Burnout: Personal and Professional Issues (01.2403) SP2012jeffrey mitchell
181043962482EHS400_2408_SP2012EHS 400 Emergency Health Services Theory and Practice II (01.2408) SP2012John Ashworth
191099823213918EHS478_2414_SP2012EHS 478 Field Operations in EMS (01.2414) SP2012Dwight Polk
201123753213519EHS477_2413_SP2012EHS 477 Special Populations in EHS (01.2413) SP2012Dwight Polk
211150664213117EHS472_6658_SP2012EHS 472 Principles of Pharmacology (01.6658) SP2012Dwight Polk
221219444222010EHS482_7228_SP2012EHS 482 ALS Field and Clinical Experience II (01.7228) SP2012Gary Williams, Deanna Wiseman
231220350172012EHS484_7444_SP2012EHS 484 ALS Field and Clinical Experience IV (01.7444/02.7445) SP2012Gary Williams, Deanna Wiseman
241221308161910EHS492_2418_SP2012EHS 492 Senior Paramedic Seminar II (01.2418) SP2012Gary Williams, Deanna Wiseman
2512959193EHS642_3482_SP2012EHS 642 Event-Driven Resource Deployment (02.3482) SP2012Rick Bissell
2613581111EHS490_3478_SP2012EHS 490 Independent Study (07.3478) SP2012Gary Williams