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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1171138781423106EHS720_7138_FA2012EHS 720 Emergency Health Services Quality Assessment (01.7138/02.7140) FA2012Rick Bissell, Michael Taigman
2271408612117398EHS640_2471_FA2012EHS 640 Fundamentals of High Performance Mobile Health Systems (01.2471/02.2472) FA2012Luke Hodgson, Rick Bissell
3341576315105084EHS630_2469_FA2012EHS 630 EHS Issues Analysis and Proposal Writing (01.2469/02.2470) FA2012Rick Bissell
440154151696384EHS637_7134_FA2012EHS 637 Disaster Recovery (01.7134/02.7135) FA2012Rick Bissell, Meghan Lusby-Treber
523796062440039EHS352_2311_FA2012EHS 352 Microcomputer Applications in Health Services Management. (01.2311) FA2012Luke Hodgson
6472482224126EHS662_2473_FA2012EHS 662 EHS EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM MANAGEMENT (01.2473/02.2474) FA2012Bruce Walz
75101817822737EHS450_2458_FA2012EHS 450 Emergency Health Services Practicum and Seminar (01.2458) FA2012D. C. Flint
85582121310021252EHS200_2306_FA2012EHS 200/200Y Concepts of Emergency Health Services (01.2306/EHS200Y_6864) FA2012D. C. Flint
963917691017635EHS476_6180_FA2012EHS 476 Introduction to Trauma Emergencies (01.6180) FA2012Deanna Wiseman, Dwight Polk, Michael Boguslaw
107511011714439EHS474_6179_FA2012EHS 474 Introduction to Medical Emergencies (01.6179) FA2012Dwight Polk, Deanna Wiseman, Michael Boguslaw
1180932192512821EHS202_7652_FA2012EHS 202 Clinical Concepts and Practice I (01.7652) FA2012Steven Hoffman, Deanna Wiseman
12845953811932EHS471_2460_FA2012EHS 471 EMS Systems and Patient Assessment (01.2460) FA2012Dwight Polk, Deanna Wiseman, Michael Boguslaw
1384917841511818EHS200Y_6864_FA2012EHS 200Y Concepts of Emergency Health Services (01.6864/02.6867) FA2012D. C. Flint, Alison Rohrbach
14867806711533EHS473_2462_FA2012EHS 473 Essentials of Cardiology (01.2462) FA2012Dwight Polk, Deanna Wiseman, Michael Boguslaw
1589832243010727EHS301_2308_FA2012EHS 301 Planning Emergency Health Systems (01.2308) FA2012D. C. Flint
16100075298324EHS481_6340_FA2012EHS 481 ALS Field and Clinical Experience I (01.6340/02.6344) FA2012Deanna Wiseman, Dwight Polk
1711901527324716EHS430_2313_FA2012EHS 430 Research Topics in Emergency Health Services (01.2313) FA2012Rick Bissell
181219872437EHS658_7136_FA2012EHS 658 Materials and Fleet Management (01.7136/02.7137) FA2012Rick Bissell, William Vidacovich
191297386123212EHS320_2310_FA2012EHS 320 Disaster Management (01.2310) FA2012Jeffrey Mitchell
20136751224219EHS470_2459_FA2012EHS 470 Emergency Response to Crisis (01.2459) FA2012Jeffrey Mitchell
21138340622189EHS491_2468_FA2012EHS 491 Senior Paramedic Seminar I (01.2468) FA2012Deanna Wiseman, Dwight Polk
221403151153EHS641_2483_FA2012EHS 641 Emergency Health Services Law and Policy (01.2483) FA2012Rick Bissell
23142627921137EHS483_6345_FA2012EHS 483 ALS Field and Clinical Experience III (01.6345) FA2012Deanna Wiseman, Dwight Polk
2414271078135EHS360_2312_FA2012EHS 360 Instructional Issues in Emergency Health Services (01.2312) FA2012Crista Lenk, Jeffrey Mitchell
2514809192EHS609_4748_FA2012EHS 609 Introduction to Guided Research in EHS (01.4748) FA2012Rick Bissell
2615652121EHS700_2475_FA2012EHS 700 Systems Practicum (01.2475/02.2476) FA2012Rick Bissell