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Report Run On: December 18, 2010

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1108242734455156BTEC660_7078_FA2010BTEC 660/ENCH 660 REGULATORY ISSUES IN BIOTECHNOLOGY (01.7078/01.7084) FA2010Kent Malwitz, Conor Aylsworth, Nancy Clements, Mary Federici, Susan Lavezza, Antonio Moreira, John Fritz
2220127713635440ENCH664_10386_FA2010ENCH 664 Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Biotechnology Products (01.10386) FA2010Kent Malwitz, Conor Aylsworth, Nancy Clements, Anthony Lubiniecki, Krish Venkat, Bb Admin Karin Readel, Krish Venkat, Susan Lavezza, Antonio Moreira
3282185716329446ENCH425_6500_FA2010ENCH 425 Transport I: Fluids (1.6500) FA2010Julia Ross
432240861527255ENCH482_6512_FA2010ENCH 482/682 Biochemical Engineering. (1.6512/1.6644) FA2010Mark Marten
547156963018929ENCE489_8912_FA2010ENCE 489/ENCE 660/ENCH 489 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering: Air PollutionJoshua Santarpia
666171605712528ENCH300_6496_FA2010ENCH 300 Chemical Process Thermodynamics (1.6496/2.6498) FA2010Joseph Loehe
767136573012127ENCH437L_6502_FA2010ENCH 437L Chemical Engineering Laboratory FA2010Jennie Leach
867987567311933ENCH215_6488_FA2010ENCH 215/215H Chemical Engineering Analysis (1.6488/2.6490/1.6492) FA2010Matthew Schwarz, Taryn Bayles
99151548246414CHEM490_7596_FA2010CHEM 490/CHEM 684/ENCH 486/ENCH 686/ENME 489 Special Topics in Chemistry (1.7596/1.7784/1.6514/1.6522/11.12875) FA2010Govind Rao
101092281282ENCH445_6508_FA2010ENCH 445 Separation Processes (1.6508) FA2010Douglas Frey
111128438182412ENCH610_6618_FA2010ENCH 610 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (1.6618) FA2010Joseph Loehe
12115258826224ENCH609_6606_FA2010ENCH 609 Graduate Seminar (1.6606) FA2010Mariajose Castellanos, Mark Marten
13131311252ENCH660_7084_FA2010ENCH 660 Regulatory Issues in Biotechnology (01.7084) FA2010Mary Federici, Antonio Moreira