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Report Run On: December 18, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
11455583312445078CMPE306_1532_FA2010CMPE 306/306T Introductory Circuit Theory / ENEE 302 Principles of Electrical Engineering (1.1532/2.1534/3.10314/05.12890/1.1636/2.1638/3.1640/4.1642) FA2010E F Charles LaBerge
215388732044344ENEE662_7512_FA2010ENEE 662 Modeling, Simulation And Analysis (01.7512) FA2010John Maccarthy, Ted Foster
3160177934143336ENEE660_7508_FA2010ENEE 660/ENGMG 660 Systems Engineering Principles (01.7508/01.7510) FA2010John Maccarthy, Ted Foster
426337511231251ENEE670_7536_FA2010ENEE 670 SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PROJECT (01.7536) FA2010Fred Highland
53872026922534ENEE623_11717_FA2010ENEE 623 Communication Theory I (1.11717) FA2010E F Charles LaBerge
644256152820064ENEE620_1502_FA2010ENEE 620 Probability and Random Processes (1.1502) FA2010Tulay Adali
755215871015828ENEE630_1504_FA2010ENEE 630 Solid State Electronics (1.1504) FA2010Yung Chen
856729101915320CMPE491_7938_FA2010CMPE 491/ENEE 691 Special Topics in Computer Engineering (1.7938/1.8232) FA2010Andrew Docherty, Curtis Menyuk, Robert Weiblen
91104552274ENEE664_12867_FA2010ENEE 664 Advanced Systems Architecture (1.12867) FA2010Richard Taylor
1013126161ENEE608_2958_FA2010ENEE 608 Graduate Seminar (1.2958) FA2010Chein-I Chang
1113354141ENEE691_8232_FA2010ENEE 691 Special Topics in Computer Engineering (1.8232) FA2010Curtis Menyuk
1213651111ENEE728_13074_FA2010ENEE 728 Topics in Communications (01.13074) FA2010Chein-I Chang