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Report Run On: December 19, 2009

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1197725524302ENES101Y_2.4464_FA2009ENES 101Y [0102] Introduction to Engineering Science (Mattingly) FA2009Karen Mattingly, Taryn Bayles
253124843196126ENES101_1.4456_FA2009ENES 101/101H/101Y Introductory Engineering Science (1.4456/2.4457/3.4458/4.4459/5.4460,1.4461,2.4462,1.4463,2.4464,4.4466,5.4467 ) FA2009Bethany Spore, Karen Mattingly, Anne Arey, Taryn Bayles
395010742641ENES101Y_5.4467_FA2009ENES 101Y Introduction to Engineering Science FA2009 Arey/SporeBethany Spore, Anne Arey, Taryn Bayles
412452972511ENES200_1.5265_FA2009ENES 200 Introduction Entrepreneurship FA2009Michael Rosenfeld