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Report Run On: December 12, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
11572171182264ENME220_0101_FA2008ENME 220 Mechanics of Materials FA2008Panos Charalambides
2251525528187ENME204_0101_FA2008ENME 204 Introduction to Engineering Design with CAD (0101/0102) FA2008James Miller
32641234269178ENME332L_0101_FA2008ENME 332L Solid Mechanics and Materials Laboratory (0101/0102/0103) FA2008Matthew Buckler, Marc Zupan, Samuel Markkula, Steven Storck, Shaojuan Yu, Haowen Liu
42741368479173ENME303_0101_FA2008ENME 303 Topics in Engineering Mathematics (0101/0102/0103) FA2008Christian Vonkerczek
5288967358166ENME432L_0101_FA2008ENME 432L Fluids/Energy Laboratory (0101/0102/0103) FA2008Charles Eggleton
6293799849163ENME482L_0101_FA2008ENME 482L Vibrations/Controls Laboratory (0101/0102/0103) FA2008Uri Tasch, Victor Grubbs
7316273518151ENME489Y_0101_FA2008ENME 489Y/ENME 631 Advanced Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer FA2008Liang Zhu
8348445033134ENME321_0101_FA2008ENME 321 Transfer Processes FA2008Liang Zhu
9405269324112ENME320_0201_FA2008ENME 320 Fluid Mechanics FA2008Dawn Bennett
10434124112103ENME812T_0101_FA2008ENME 812T Untitled Course FA2008Haijun Su
1144426992799ENME664_0101_FA2008ENME 664 Dynamics FA2008Weidong Zhu
1247368237590ENME301_0101_FA2008ENME 301 The Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials FA2008L Topoleski
1351712331582ENME645_0101_FA2008ENME 645 Applied Computational Thermo/Fluids FA2008ronghui ma
1451836004481ENME489L_0101_FA2008ENME 489L Elements of Aerospace Engineering and Design Fall 2008Marc Mogavero
1552216032080ENME301H_0101_FA2008ENME 301H: The HONORS section of "Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials." FA2008L Topoleski
1654334544576ENME320_0101_FA2008ENME 320 Fluid Mechanics FA2008Shlomo Carmi
176036731161ENME409_0101_FA2008ENME 409 Mechanics of Deformable Solids FA2008Akhtar Khan
1860960160ENME489F_0101_FA2008ENME 489F Untitled Course FA2008ronghui ma
1965510822249ENME332H_0101_FA2008ENME 332H Solid Mechanics and Materials Laboratory - Honors FA2008Matthew Buckler, Marc Zupan, Samuel Markkula, Steven Storck, Haowen Liu, Shaojuan Yu
2069735458143ENME403_0101_FA2008ENME 403 Automatic Controls. FA2008Abdul Majid
2169923865642ENME462_0101_FA2008ENME 462 Introduction to Engineering Acoustics FA2008Christian Vonkerczek
2272114773739ENME304_0101_FA2008ENME 304 Machine Design FA2008Anthony Farquhar, Balaji Sadasivam
2373217424637ENME444_0101_FA2008ENME 444 Mechanical Engineering Systems Design (0101/0102) FA2008James Miller
248555313216ENME489C_0101_FA2008ENME 489C Untitled Course FA2008Anthony Farquhar
259111829ENME332L_0102_FA2008ENME 332L Solid Mechanics and Materials Laboratory FA2008Dwayne Arola
26961515ENME799_2401_FA2008ENME 799 Master's Thesis Research FA2008Haijun Su
271014111ENME898_2401_FA2008ENME 898 PRE CANDIDACY DOCTORAL RESEARCH FA2008Haijun Su