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Report Run On: December 14, 2011

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
172179812864262FYS101R_13181_FA2011FYS 101R Sustainability in American Culture Fall 2011Rita Turner
229358262226443FYS101Q_11234_FA2011FYS 101Q Building a Culture of Peace: What Would It Take? (01.11234) FA2011Joby Taylor
339950462520130FYS101D_13779_FA2011FYS 101D Turning to One Another: Beliefs and Behaviors (01.13779) FA2011Diane Lee, Karen Freiberg, C. Jill Randles, Michael Mower
449347782916421FYS102C_10220_FA2011FYS 102C Diversity, Ethics and Social Justice in the Context of Schooling (01.10220) FA2011Vickie Williams, Sue Small, Jynease Emerson, Clare Greene
58181332187417FYS102A_9220_FA2011FYS 102A Images of Madness (01.9220) FA2011Carolyn Tice
6106582325329FYS101S_14129_FA2011FYS 101S Creating Stories about Times of Change (01.14129) FA2011Bill Shewbridge, Judah Ronch, Christine Ferrera, Elizabeth Lunt