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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
162196242481796FYS101R_6178_FA2012FYS 101R Sustainability in American Culture Fall 2012Rita Turner
2141116892155677FYS107C_8055_FA2012FYS 107C Love's Philosophy (01.8055) FA2012Phillip Seng
323696242440144FYS101T_7522_FA2012FYS 101T 7522 FA2012: Discussing Classics - Discovering Our SelvesDavid Irvine
429380172334843FYS102S_7525_FA2012FYS 102S The Deaf Community and Its Culture (01.7525) FA2012Denise Perdue, S. Braunschweig
531066412033258FYS102Q_7524_FA2012FYS 102Q History under the Microscope (01.7524) FA2012Ivan Erill Sagales
632272172232851FYS101Q_4609_FA2012FYS 101Q Building a Culture of Peace: What Would It Take? (01.4609) FA2012Joby Taylor
747756832423635FYS101D_6650_FA2012FYS 101D Turning to One Another: Beliefs and Behaviors (01.6650) FA2012Diane Lee, C. Jill Randles, Crystal Diaz
856849582420633FYS102C_3744_FA2012FYS 102C Diversity, Ethics and Social Justice in the Context of Schooling (01.3744) FA2012Sue Small, Vickie Williams
960349882619128FYS102T_7526_FA2012FYS 102T International Migrations and the National Debate (01.7526) FA2012Sara Poggio
1060637962018930FYS102P_6919_FA2012FYS 102P Creativity, Innovation, and Invention (01.6919) FA2012Gilbert Mason, William Lacourse
1190927022610324FYS102R_7605_FA2012FYS 102R Learning About, With, and From Students with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (01.7605) FA2012Clare Greene, Michele Wolff, Eloise Grose, Charlotte Keniston
1291424622410218FYS101S_6920_FA2012FYS 101S Creating Stories about Times of Change (01.6920) FA2012Elizabeth Lunt, Judah Ronch, Galina Madjaroff, Christine Ferrera
1310891215186718FYS102A_2871_FA2012FYS 102A Images of Madness (01.2871) FA2012Carolyn Tice
141292623193213FYS101U_7523_FA2012FYS 101U But is it Art? Filmmakers, Art, and the Artist (01.7523) FA2012Alan Kreizenbeck