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Report Run On: May 14, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
114027088338GERM302_0101_SP2008Deutsch 302 Fruehling 2008 (Sutton)Susanne Sutton
2284922344209GERM102_0101_SP2008GERM 102 Elementary German II (0101/0201) SP2008Anja Hendrichs
339411218140GERM481_0101_SP2008GERM 481 Seminar in German SP2008Brigitte May
451020442197GERM101_0101_SP2008Deutsch 101 (Spring 2008)Susanne Sutton
5534446589GERM681_0101_SP2008GERM 681 Seminar in German SP2008Brigitte May
657516092080GERM201_0101_SP2008Deutsch 201 (Fruehling 2008)Susanne Sutton
786986421GERM312_0101_SP2008GERM 312 Introduction to German Literature and Culture II (L) SP2008Brigitte May
889018118GERM201C_0201_SP2008GERM 201C Intermediate German I Conversation (0201/0301) SP2008Brittany Grasser
993710110GERM101C_0101_SP2008GERM 101C Elementary German I Conversation (0101/0201) SP2008Brittany Grasser, Anja Hendrichs
10949919GERM102C_0201_SP2008GERM 102C Elementary German II Conversation (0201/0401) SP2008Hannah Bayerl, William Stanley
11958818GERM202_0101_SP2008GERM 202 Intermediate German II SP2008Brigitte May, xenia Wolff
12969616GERM201C_0101_SP2008GERM 201C Intermediate German I Conversation SP2008Hannah Bayerl
131062111GERM400_0101_SP2008GERM 400 Special Projects in German SP2008Susanne Sutton
141063111GERM600_0103_SP2008GERM 600 Special Projects in German Language SP2008Brigitte May