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Report Run On: May 16, 2007

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
12115344151022GES408_0101_SP2007GES 408 Field Ecology SP2007Chris Swan
22341466411011GES302A_0101_SP2007GES 302A Conservation Biology SP2007Chris Swan
31241364336378GES314_0101_SP2007GES 314 Geography of Soils SP2007Quintaniay Holifield
41442141261351GES102_0101_SP2007GES 102 Human Geography (SS or C) SP2007Robert Neff
5308464825185GES413_0101_SP2007GES 413 Seminar in Biogeography SP2007Laurajean Lewis
6322290816181GES220_0101_SP2007GES 220 Lab and Field Techniques for Environmental Science (MS with lab GFR) SP2007Karin Readel
7338384923167GES341_0101_SP2007GES 341 Urban Geography SP2007Robert Neff
8367257117151GES389_0101_SP2007GES 389 Geographic Information System Database Design SP2007Jeffrey Tirschman
9444336828120GES280_0101_SP2007GES 280 Map Use and Cartographic Principles SP2007Joseph School
10465907880113GES110_0201_SP2007GES 110 Physical Geography (MS) SP2007Jessica Robin
11488457344103GES332_0101_SP2007GES 332 Environmental Conservation Problems and Policies SP2007Eugene Parker
1250162326398GES110_0101_SP2007GES 110 Physical Geography (MS) SP2007Jeffrey Halverson
1350242154398GES310_0101_SP2007GES 310 Geomorphology SP2007Andrew Miller, Masud Roshan, Mark Bulmer
1452043444890GES111_0101_SP2007GES 111 Principles of Geology (MS) SP2007Andrew Miller
15543851410481GES120_0101_SP2007GES 120 Environmental Science and Conservation (MS) SP2007Christophe Steele
165878381269GES352_0101_SP2007GES 352 Geography of Crime and Justice SP2007Keith Harries
1764418083158GES400A_0101_SP2007GES 400A Arctic Geography SP2007Fred Huemmrich
18701412945GES450_0101_SP2007GES 450 Seminar in Social Geography SP2007Keith Harries
19802157626GES497_0102_SP2007GES 497 Research Internship SP2007Robert Neff
2082521121GES482_0101_SP2007GES 482 Cartographic Internship SP2007Joseph School
21962313GES650_0101_SP2007GES 650 Seminar in Social Geography SP2007Keith Harries