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Report Run On: December 12, 2007

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
14377430114679GES120_0101_FA2007GES 120 Environmental Science and Conservation FA2007Erle Ellis
252769813592GES406_0101_FA2007GES 406 Aquatic Ecology FA2007Chris Swan
314245373132343GES102_0201_FA2007GES 102 Human Geography FA2007Robert Neff
4143548516342GES621_0101_FA2007GES 621 Water in the Urban Environment FA2007Timothy Brennan, Andrew Miller, Brian Reed, Megan Rivera
5173443915295GES411_0101_FA2007GES 411 Fluvial Morphology FA2007Andrew Miller
6220393516245GES305_0101_FA2007GES 305 Landscape Ecology FA2007Erle Ellis
72291843878236GES105_0101_FA2007GES 105 World Regional Geography FA2007Christophe Steele
8236301813232GES462_0101_FA2007GES 462 Spatial Analysis of Coupled Human-Environmental Systems FA2007Robert Neff
930017009188GES622_0101_FA2007GES 622 Research Design for the Urban Environment FA2007Virginia Mcconnell, Andrew Miller
10340717143166GES313_0101_FA2007GES 313 Biogeography FA2007Laurajean Lewis
11362836453157GES308_0101_FA2007GES 308 Ecology FA2007Chris Swan
123901060574143GES110_0101_FA2007GES 110 Physical Geography FA2007Laurajean Lewis
1342510118126GES686_0101_FA2007GES 686 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems FA2007Junmei Tang, Jun Staff
14498301830100GES280_0101_FA2007GES 280 Map Use and Cartographic Principles FA2007Joseph School
1557219832579GES386_0101_FA2007GES 386 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems FA2007Junmei Tang, Jun Staff
16593732610073GES110_0301_FA2007GES 110 Physical Geography FA2007Jeffrey Halverson
176398871463GES220_0101_FA2007GES 220 Lab and Field Techniques for Environmental Science (MS with lab GFR) FA2007Karin Readel
1873519704444GES326_0101_FA2007GES 326 American Conservation Thought FA2007Eugene Parker
1975141141GES481_0101_FA2007GES 481 Remote Sensing of Environment FA2007Petya Campbell
2084924124GES311_0101_FA2007GES 311 Weather and Climate FA2007Ali Tokay
21949818GES482_0101_FA2007GES 482 Cartographic Internship FA2007Joseph School
221021212GES611_0101_FA2007GES 611 FLUVIAL GEOMORPHOLOGY FA2007Andrew Miller