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Report Run On: May 14, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1391839124766GES408_0101_SP2008GES 408 Field Ecology SP2008Chris Swan
21101439737389GES310_0101_SP2008GES 310 Geomorphology SP2008Andrew Miller, Karin Readel
31227282364GES491_0111_SP2008GES 491 Independent Study in Geography and Environmental Systems SP2008Laurajean Lewis
41432855285335GES102_0101_SP2008GES 102 Human Geography SP2008Robert Neff
523025292103245GES110_0201_SP2008GES 110 Physical Geography SP2008Andrew Miller
6294346517203GES413_0101_SP2008GES 413 Seminar in Biogeography SP2008Laurajean Lewis
7354546634160GES341_0101_SP2008GES 341 Urban Geography SP2008Robert Neff
835911127158GES389_0101_SP2008GES 389 Geographic Information System Database Design SP2008Jeffrey Tirschman
93611437992156GES110_0101_SP2008GES 110 Physical Geography SP2008Laurajean Lewis
10373643443149GES314_0101_SP2008GES 314 Geography of Soils SP2008Quintaniay Holifield
11437241620120GES280_0101_SP2008GES 280 Map Use and Cartographic Principles SP2008Joseph School
124921021102GES102_0201_SP2008GES 102 Human Geography SP2008Karin Readel, Sari Bennett
13515671795GES485_0101_SP2008GES 485 Field Research in Geography SP2008Erle Ellis
145839171276GES486_0101_SP2008GES 486/687 Advanced Applications in Geographic Information Systems SP2008Junmei Tang
1560226843772GES363_0101_SP2008GES 363 World Regions: Contemporary International Issues SP2008Christophe Steele
1660921463071GES400A_0101_SP2008GES 400A Severe Storms SP2008Andrew Miller, Jeffrey Halverson
176147641169GES412_0101_SP2008GES 412 Biogeochemical Cycles and the Global Environment SP2008Erle Ellis
1863721713365GES386_0101_SP2008GES 386/686 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems SP2008Junmei Tang
1968913932653GES220_0101_SP2008GES 220 Lab and Field Techniques for Environmental Science (MS with lab GFR) SP2008Karin Readel
2081112754131GES302A_0101_SP2008SOCY 397B/GES 302A Environmental Sociology SP2008jamie maclennan
2184052226GES497_0111_SP2008GES 497 Research Internship SP2008Laurajean Lewis
22950919GES491H_0111_SP2008GES 491H Untitled Course SP2008Laurajean Lewis
23951919GES482_0101_SP2008GES 482 Cartographic Internship SP2008Joseph School