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Report Run On: May 13, 2009

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
171246191384GES771_8620_SP2009GES771 Advanced Spatial Data Management SP2009Owen Evans
2331061113816GES670_8620_SP2009GES 670: Advanced Seminar in GISErwin Villiger
34793609144650GES120_0101_SP2009GES 120 Environmental Science and Conservation SP2009Erle Ellis
462756114540GES679_8620_SP2009GES 679 Professional Seminar in Geospatial Technologies SP2009Kevin Pomfret
5711163724484GES673_8620_SP2009GES 673 Geoprocessing and Spatial Analysis SP2009Steven Young, Paul Young
6215420017247GES602_0101_SP2009GES 602 RESEARCH METHODS FOR GEOGRAPHY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS SP2009Laura R. Lewis, Matthew Baker
722237817156242GES102_0201_SP2009GES 102 Human Geography SP2009Dawn Biehler
8227570324237GES406_0101_SP2009GES 406 Aquatic Ecology SP2009Chris Swan
9244659829227GES307_0101_SP2009GES 307 Conservation Biology SP2009Chris Swan
10254725833219GES310_0101_SP2009GES 310 Geomorphology SP2009Andy Miller
11296293015195GES413_0101_SP2009GES 413 Seminar in Biogeography SP2009Laura R. Lewis
12351350921167GES305_0101_SP2009GES 305 Landscape Ecology SP2009Erle Ellis
13365334621159GES429_0101_SP2009GES 429 /GES 629Seminar in Geography of Disease and Health SP2009Dawn Biehler, Robert Armstrong
1439211878148GES776_8620_SP2009GES 776 GIS Data Sources Tasking and Aquisitions SP2009Qassim Abdullah, Nora May
154566345126GES110Y_0101_SP2009GES 110Y Physical Geography SP2009Thomas Rabenhorst, Lisa Beall
16476247521117GES341_0101_SP2009GES 341 Urban Geography SP2009Robert Neff
17498387835110GES302A_0101_SP2009GES 302A Geography Watershed Science and Management SP2009Dawn Biehler, Matthew Baker
1858610551381GES486_0101_SP2009GES 486/687 Advanced Applications in Geographic Information Systems SP2009Junmei Tang
1962819912871GES386_0101_SP2009GES 386/686 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems SP2009Joseph School, Junmei Tang
2066614082264GES286_0101_SP2009GES 286 Exploring the Environment: A Geo-Spatial Perspective SP2009Joseph School
2166914022263GES302B_0101_SP2009GES 302B /GWST 390B Gender and the Environment SP2009Karen Stupski
22707813814157GES102_0101_SP2009GES 102 Human Geography SP2009Ronald Luna
2377813562946GES400A_0101_SP2009GES 400A Selected Topics in Geography - Arctic Geography SP2009Fred Huemmrich
2477919804346GES326_0101_SP2009GES 326 American Conservation Thought SP2009Sandy Parker
25807576813343GES110_0201_SP2009GES 110 Physical Geography SP2009Jeffrey Halverson
2682910202639GES415_0101_SP2009GES 415 Climate Change SP2009Jeffrey Halverson
279026502328GES220_0101_SP2009GES 220 Lab and Field Techniques for Environmental Science (MS with lab GFR) SP2009Karin Readel
28102745315GES629_0101_SP2009GES 629 Graduate Seminar: Geography of Disease and Health SP2009Dawn Biehler
29106062610GES613_0101_SP2009GES 613 ADVANCED TOPICS IN BIOGEOGRAPHY SP2009Laura R. Lewis
311087616GES491_0111_SP2009GES 491 Independent Study in Geography and Environmental Systems SP2009Laura R. Lewis
321170111GWST102_0201_SP2009Human GeographyDawn Biehler