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Report Run On: December 19, 2009

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
12115173141083GES671_0101.6326_FA2009GES671 Spatial Database and System Design FA2009Owen Evans
27868251128533GES120_1.2194_FA2009GES 120 Environmental Science and Conservation FA2009Erle Ellis
382668713514GES670_0101.6325_FA2009GES 670 Advanced Seminar in Geographic Information Systems FA2009Erwin Villiger
4863598472499GES308_1.2199_FA2009GES 308 Ecology FA2009Katherine Willey, Chris Swan
5133702318390GES678_1.6211_FA2009GES 678 Advanced Seminar in Geographic Information Systems FA2009John Schlee
618848710157310GES102_300.2254_FA2009GES 102 Human Geography FA2009Robert Neff
722547544171278GES102_200.2175_FA2009GES 102 / 102Y - Human Geography FA2009Dawn Biehler, Benjamin Goldberg
8264365015243GES679_1.6210_FA2009GES 679 Geospatial Standards Development (1.6210) FA2009Julie Maitra
92881010544229GES329_1.2195_FA2009GES 329 / HAPP 329 - Geography of Disease and Health FA2009Dawn Biehler
10298538124224GES381_1.2211_FA2009GES 381 Remote Sensing (1.2211/2.2212) FA2009Tom Rabenhorst
11299269112224GES621_1.2206_FA2009GES 621 WATER IN THE URBAN ENVIRONMENT FA2009Tim Brennan, Virginia Mcconnell, Andy Miller, Megan Rivera, kenneth belt
12324273813210GES411_1.2196_FA2009GES 411 Fluvial Morphology FA2009Andy Miller
1335917399193GES622_1.2207_FA2009GES 622 RESEARCH DESIGN FOR THE URBAN ENVIRONMENT FA2009Tim Brennan, Virginia Mcconnell, Andy Miller
14364248613191GES679_2.6212_FA2009GES 679 Humanitarian Information Systems (2.6212) FA 2009Erwin Villiger, Carmelle Terborg
1537712937184GES773_1.6209_FA2009GES 773 Remote Sensing of Environment FA2009Ronald Wilson, Joshua Lieberman, Louis Paladino
1641614689163GES601_1.2205_FA2009GES 601 INTRODUCTION TO GEOGRAPHY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS FA2009Jeffrey Halverson, Robert Neff
17440322521153GES675_1.6208_FA2009GES 675 Advanced Seminar in Geographic Information Systems FA2009Xiuzhu Yang
1845720733140148GES110_100.2176_FA2009GES 110 Physical Geography FA2009Laura R. Lewis
1950310728134GES462_1.2201_FA2009GES 462 GIS and Human-Environmental Systems FA2009Robert Neff
20527575845127GES313_1.2203_FA2009GES 313 Biogeography FA2009Laura R. Lewis
21555313226120GES434_1.5508_FA2009GES 434 Wildlife Law and Endangered Species Act FA2009Sandy Parker
22667564694GES405_1.2422_FA2009GES 405 Applied Landscape Ecology FA2009Erle Ellis
2369523232689GES400_100.2276_FA2009GES 400/600.1 Forest Ecology FA2009Matthew Baker
2470035534088GES302_1.2204_FA2009GES 302 Selective Topics in Geography FA2009David Lansing
257661891325075GES110_200.2179_FA2009GES 110 Physical Geography (200.2179/300.2180) FA2009Tom Rabenhorst
2677719312674GES220_1.2213_FA2009GES 220 Lab and Field Techniques for Environmental Science FA2009Karin Readel
27780511773GES600_100.6146_FA2009GES 400/600.2 Watershed Analysis and Modeling FA2009Matthew Baker
2882821783464GES286_1.2210_FA2009GES 286 Exploring the Environment: A Geo-Spatial Perspective (1.2210/2.2209) FA2009Joseph School
2988412692452GES386_1.2228_FA2009GES 386 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (1.2228/2.2229) FA2009Joseph School
3093311532644GES102Y_401.5729_FA2009GES 102Y Human Geography (401.5729/501.6106) FA2009Laura Towers
319347091644GES102Y_500.6105_FA2009GES 102Y Human Geography FA2009Dawn Biehler, Benjamin Goldberg
3210183671133GES110Y_400.5766_FA2009GES 110Y Physical Geography FA2009Laura R. Lewis, Lisa Beall
33103332132GES686_1.2230_FA2009GES 686 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (1.2230/2.2231) FA2009Joseph School
34123424212GES102Y_400.5728_FA2009GES 102Y Human Geography FA2009Laura Towers, Robert Neff
351284818GES611_1.2225_FA2009GES 611 FLUVIAL GEOMORPHOLOGY FA2009Andy Miller
361404111GES491_13.3766_FA2009GES 491 Independent Study in Geography and Environmental Systems FA2009Laura R. Lewis
371405111GES102_100.2174_FA2009GES 102 Human Geography FA2009Sari Bennett