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Report Run On: December 18, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1102459328256057GWST353_2548_FA2010GWST 353/SOCY 353 Marriage and the Family (1.2548/1.1318) FA2010Jim Keys, Meryl Damasiewicz
219580312138245GWST490_12188_FA2010GWST 490 Advanced Topics in Gender and Women's Studies (2.12188) FA2010April Householder
3363132405623643GWST357_9918_FA2010GWST 357/PSYC 357 Psychology of Women (1.9918/01.12295) FA2010Eileen O'Brien
438084263722736GWST374_12191_FA2010GWST 374/HIST 374 European Women's History 1200-1750 (1.12191/01.11802) FA2010Amy Froide
5417101844821229AMST310_7008_FA2010AMST 310/ GWST 310 Gender and Inequality in America (01.7008/1.5988) FA2010Dabrina Taylor
646057883019226GWST413_12393_FA2010GWST 413/613/LLC 613/MLL 413/613 Language, Gender & Culture Fall 2010Christine Mallinson
7501156488817731AFST347_4008_FA2010AFST 347 Gender, Race, and Media (1.4008/2.4010/GWST322_2544/MLL322_2912) FA2010barbara anne boswell
8527163829816750GWST332_2546_FA2010GWST 332/SOCY 332 Human Sexuality in Sociological Perspectives (1.2546/1.2472) FA2010Ilsa Lottes
98061956238528GWST300_2532_FA2010GWST 300 Methodologies of Gender and Women's Studies (1.2532) FA2010Emek Ergun, Carole Mccann
108753892557019AFST354_12057_FA2010AFST 354/ HIST 323/ GWST 327 African American Women's History (1.12057) FA2010Michelle Scott
119104547706424GWST100_2526_FA2010GWST 100/100H Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies (1.2526/2.2528/1.9428) FA2010Jodi Kelber-Kaye
129132468386426AMST210_7532_FA2010AMST 210/GWST 210 Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies (01.7532/1.2530) FA2010Jodi Kelber-Kaye
139541569285617ENGL364_11825_FA2010ENGL 364/GWST 36 Perspectives on Women in Literature (01.11825/01.12190) FA2010Kathryn McKinley
149911590334814GWST100_12177_FA2010GWST 100 Introduction to Gender and Women's Studiesbarbara anne boswell
1510621002283513GWST480_2552_FA2010GWST 480/680/LLC 680 Theories of Feminism (1.2552/1.2562/1.7278) FA2010Emek Ergun, Carole Mccann
161078311314AFST347_4010_FA2010AFST 347/ GWST 322/ MLL 322 Gender, Race, and Media (2.4010) FA2010barbara anne boswell
17120273644167AMST382_7018_FA2010AMST 382/GWST 382 Perspectives on the Family (01.7018/1.8394) FA2010Kathy Bryan