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Report Run On: December 18, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
199170323056769HAPP412_1758_FA2010HAPP 412 Research Methods in Health (1.1758) FA2010Andrea Kalfoglou
2130251915347565HAPP354_1750_FA2010HAPP 354/SOCY 354 Social Bases of Public and Community Health (1.1750/1.2476) FA2010Andrea Kalfoglou, Julie Clementoni
3152190644344354GES329_3094_FA2010GES 329/HAPP 329 Geography of Disease and Health (100.3094/1.1764) FA2010Dawn Biehler
4283105723629342HAPP411_12079_FA2010HAPP 411 Health Regulation and Quality Improvement (01.12079) FA2010Annette Snyder
5291126904428846HAPP452_1760_FA2010HAPP 452/SOCY 452/652 Health Care Organization and Delivery (1.1760/1.2474/1.11750) FA2010Mary Stuart
644074663720143HAPP380_1754_FA2010HAPP 380 Global Issues in Health and Disease (1.1754) FA2010Jeanette Jeffrey
772474157010532HAPP100_1736_FA2010HAPP 100 Survey of U.S. Health Care System (1.1736) FA2010Joyce Riley
87661065119616HAPP398_12406_FA2010HAPP 398 Selected Topics in Health Administration and Policy (01.12406) FA2010Janet McGlynn
97733092339324HAPP200_1748_FA2010HAPP 200 Human Development Implications for Health and Disease (1.1748) FA2010Rhonda Canham
107983451408633HAPP402_1756_FA2010HAPP 402 Environmental Health Policy and Practice (1.1756) FA2010Paul Keenan
11119048129166HAPP496_1740_FA2010HAPP 496 Internship Seminar (1.1740) FA2010Joyce Riley