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Report Run On: May 14, 2012

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1438062251522125HCC728_7139_SP2012HCC 728 Online Communities (01.7139/IS728_1276) SP2012Wayne Lutters, David Gurzick
223280922996873HCC613_7141_SP2012HCC 613 User Interface Prototyping and Development (01.7141) SP2012Kevin White
350543132417947HCC636_1903_SP2012HCC 636 Structured Systems Analysis and Design (01.1903/IS636_1274) SP2012Anthony Norcio
451933341917539HCC729_6162_SP2012HCC 729 Human-Centered Design (01.6162) SP2012Ravi Kuber
552734542017229HCC710_6071_SP2012HCC 710 GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS (01.6071) SP2012Margaret Re
68441230148713HCC810_6289_SP2012HCC 810 HCC GRADUATE SEMINAR (01.6289) SP2012Karim Said, Anita Komlodi, Wayne Lutters, Patrick Carrington, Jieyu Wang, Ravi Kuber, Philip Feldman, Lula Albar, Barbara Linam-Church, Brian Sallerson, Erin Buehler, Robin Brewer, Brian Frey
71146301303HCC810_6870_SP2012HCC 810 HCC GRADUATE SEMINAR (04.6870) SP2012Ravi Kuber
813096161HCC810_6871_SP2012HCC 810 HCC GRADUATE SEMINAR (05.6871) SP2012Wayne Lutters
913106163HCC810_6872_SP2012HCC 810 HCC GRADUATE SEMINAR (06.6872) SP2012Anthony Norcio
1013383131HCC810_6873_SP2012HCC 810 HCC GRADUATE SEMINAR (07.6873) SP2012Asim Ozok