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Report Run On: May 16, 2007

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
16041147587HIST798_2101_SP2007HIST 798 Special Topics in Historical Studies SP2007Kriste Lindenmeyer
289715716447HIST496_0101_SP2007HIST 496 Historical Research SP2007Marjoleine Kars
31571148535328HIST402_0101_SP2007HIST 402 History of the New South SP2007Anne Rubin, John Fritz
41611292841315HIST355B_0101_SP2007HIST 355B Native American History SP2007Terry Bouton
5168426314304HIST494A_0101_SP2007HIST 494A Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Middle AgesSusan Mcdonough
6178284510284HIST495D_0101_SP2007HIST 495D/711 Oral History SP2007John Willard, Barry Lanman, Jun Staff
72071636064255HIST201_0101_SP2007HIST 201 Introduction to the Study of History SP2007Michelle Scott
8229578524241HIST101_0101_SP2007HIST 101 American History to 1877 (SS) SP2007Anne Rubin
9230455319239HIST702_0101_SP2007HIST 702 Readings in American Historiography SP2007bradley simpson
102564472223HIST715B_0101_SP2007HIST 715B Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Middle AgesSusan Mcdonough
11260418319220HIST705_0101_SP2007HIST 705 Introduction to Public History SP2007denise Meringolo
122712086598212HIST306_0101_SP2007HIST 306 The First World War SP2007Clayton Laurie, Michael Johnson
13287906445201HIST355C_0101_SP2007HIST 355C US MIddle East Relations SP2007bradley simpson
14294846743196HIST466_0101_SP2007HIST 466 The Reformation (SS) SP2007James Grubb
15304919849187HIST101_0201_SP2007HIST 101 American History to 1877 (SS) SP2007Michael Johnson
16321181110181HIST495C_0101a_SP2007HIST 495C/713B Colloquium in American History Slavery in the Western World SP2007Marjoleine Kars
17358631541154HIST102_0401_SP2007HIST 102 American History, 1877 to the Present (SS) SP2007denise Meringolo
183681501150HIST703_0101_SP2007HIST 703 Readings in European Historiography SP2007Daniel Ritschel
193691035069150HIST355A_0101_SP2007HIST 355A The History of American Intelligence from the Revolution to 9/11 SP2007Clayton Laurie, Rhiannon Dowling
20387778455141HIST102_0201_SP2007HIST 102 American History, 1877 to the Present (SS) (0201/0501) SP2007Michael Johnson
214276285125HIST717_0101_SP2007HIST 717/495B Multidisciplinary Studies in Science and Technology History SP2007Joseph Tatarewicz, G Welch
22434246520123HIST497_0101_SP2007HIST 497 Historical Research: SP2007Amy Froide
23453188916118HIST494B_0101_SP2007HIST 494B/715A SEMINAR in Cultural History Constructing SP2007Constantin Vaporis
24464826372114HIST100_0101_SP2007HIST 100 Western Civilization (SS or C) SP2007Amy Froide
2552560986988HIST358_0101_SP2007HIST 358 Art and Society in the Renaissance (SS or C) SP2007James Grubb
2658829354269HIST102_0101_SP2007HIST 102 American History, 1877 to the Present (SS) SP2007Howard Smead
2762130584962HIST443_0101_SP2007HIST 443 The United States Since 1945 (SS) SP2007Howard Smead
2863414512460HIST446_0101_SP2007HIST 446 History of Science Since 1700 (SS) SP2007G Welch
2964031085259HIST457_0101_SP2007HIST 457 Byzantine Civilization (C) SP2007John Birkenmeier
3064323804158HIST100_0201_SP2007HIST 100 Western Civilization (SS or C) SP2007John Birkenmeier
3168913482848HIST375_0101_SP2007HIST 375: European Women's History, 1750-1914 (SP2007)Nicole Hudgins
32690145348HIST715A_0101_SP2007HIST 715A Untitled Course SP2007Constantin Vaporis
33717210542HIST446H_0101_SP2007HIST 446H Untitled Course SP2007G Welch
3475214514036HIST100_0401_SP2007HIST 100 Western Civilization (SS or C) SP2007Nicole Hudgins
35756210635HIST495A_0101_SP2007HIST 495A Untitled Course SP2007denise Meringolo
3678230130HIST790_3001_SP2007HIST 790 Internship/Practicum in Historical Studies SP2007denise Meringolo
3782621121HIST495C_0101_SP2007HIST 495C Untitled Course SP2007Marjoleine Kars
3883120120HIST711_0101_SP2007HIST 711 Colloquium in Administrative and Policy History SP2007John Willard, Barry Lanman
398426513717HIST274_0101_SP2007HIST 274 Contemporary Jewish History: 1917 to the Present (C) SP2007Joan Costello, Sandra Shimoff
4087114114HIST713B_0101_SP2007HIST 713B Untitled Course SP2007Marjoleine Kars
418734633413HIST657_0101_SP2007HIST 657 Byzantine Civilization SP2007John Birkenmeier
429201628HIST103_0101_SP2007HIST 103 East-Asian Civilization (SS or C) SP2007Ka-Che Yip, Kathleen White