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Report Run On: December 12, 2007

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1623895975519HIST201_0101_FA2007HIST 201 Introduction to the Study of History FA2007Kriste Lindenmeyer
2103888322403HIST496_0101_FA2007HIST 496 Historical Research FA2007denise Meringolo
3150593918329HIST701_0101_FA2007HIST 701 The Study of History FA2007Marjoleine Kars
41521498646325HIST462_0101_FA2007HIST 462 Medieval Europe: A Social and Cultural HistorySusan Mcdonough
51562431176319HIST110_0401_FA2007HIST 110 Western Civilization to 1700 FA2007Susan Mcdonough
62151619265249HIST421_0101_FA2007HIST 421/621 The American Civil War FA2007Anne Rubin
72162208289248HIST303_0101_FA2007HIST 303 The Second World War FA2007Kriste Lindenmeyer, Clayton Laurie, Mary Hearin, Bethany Bromwell
82371459863231HIST102_0101_FA2007HIST 102 American History, 1877 to the Present FA2007Joseph Tatarewicz, Chelsea Clarke
9274206410206HIST711_0101_FA2007HIST 711 Colloquium in Administrative and Policy History FA2007Wilton Corkern
10296893247190HIST465_0101_FA2007HIST 465 The Renaissance FA2007James Grubb
113651195077155HIST103_0101_FA2007HIST 103 East-Asian Civilization FA2007Constantin Vaporis
12412980873134HIST110_0101_FA2007HIST 110 Western Civilization to 1700 FA2007Clayton Laurie
1341816234123131HIST101_0101_FA2007HIST 101 American History to 1877 (0101/0201) FA2007Michael Johnson, Michael Johnson
14440524244119HIST102_0301_FA2007HIST 102 American History, 1877 to the Present FA2007denise Meringolo
15453834773114HIST200_0101_FA2007HIST 200 Themes in World History FA2007bradley simpson, Rhiannon Dowling
1650745324698HIST110_0301_FA2007HIST 110 Western Civilization to 1700 FA2007John Birkenmeier
17531717889HIST714_0101_FA2007HIST 714 SEMINAR in Intellectual History FA2007bradley simpson
18532348487HIST662_0101_FA2007HIST 662 Medieval Europe FA2007Susan Mcdonough
19567484680HIST494_0101_FA2007HIST 494 Colloquium in World History FA2007bradley simpson
2057640255277HIST102_0201_FA2007HIST 102 American History, 1877 to the Present FA2007Howard Smead
2159227303773HIST322_0101_FA2007HIST 322/AFST 353 African American History Since 1865 FA2007Michelle Scott
22596360572HIST687_0101_FA2007HIST 687 Europe, 1815-1914 FA2007Douglas Campbell
2362031714767HIST111_0101_FA2007HIST 111 Western Civilization 1700 to the Present FA2007John Birkenmeier
2462726864165HIST447_0101_FA2007HIST 447 History of Civil Rights Since the Civil War FA2007Howard Smead
256316471064HIST373H_0101_FA2007HIST 373H Untitled Course FA2007Rebecca Boehling
26651295559HIST445H_0101_FA2007HIST 445H Untitled Course FA2007G Welch
2768946208852HIST111_0201_FA2007HIST 111 Western Civilization 1700 to the Present FA2007James Grubb
28694252550HIST645_0101_FA2007HIST 645 History of Science to 1700 FA2007G Welch
2971213152748HIST373_0101_FA2007HIST 373 History of the Holocaust FA2007Rebecca Boehling
307168551847HIST493_0101_FA2007HIST 493/717 Colloquium in European History FA2007Sandra Herbert
3172018564046HIST487_0101_FA2007HIST 487 Europe, 1815-1914 FA2007Douglas Campbell
327466441542HIST497_0101_FA2007HIST 497 Historical Research (Opening the 'Japanese Oyster': American Imperialism and Japan, 1842-1868: FA2007Constantin Vaporis
337698532238HIST445_0101_FA2007HIST 445 History of Science to 1700 FA2007G Welch
347948842732HIST273_0101_FA2007HIST 273 History of the Jews in Modern Times, From the Middle Ages to1917 FA2007James Grubb, Sandra Shimoff
3579565232HIST495B_0101_FA2007HIST 495B Untitled Course FA2007Wilton Corkern
3685423123HIST713_0101_FA2007HIST 713 SEMINAR in Social History FA2007Anne Rubin
37864131621HIST704_0101_FA2007HIST 704 Readings in Asian Historiography FA2007Constantin Vaporis
3889552317HIST665_0101_FA2007HIST 665 The Renaissance FA2007James Grubb
39969717HIST621_0101_FA2007HIST 621 The American Civil War FA2007Anne Rubin
401060111HIST479_0101_FA2007HIST 479 History of China, 1912-1949 FA2007Ka-Che Yip