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Report Run On: May 13, 2009

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
16510632531HIST684_0101_SP2009HIST 684 German History: 1914 to the Present SP2009Russell Spinney
2771627534478HIST441_0101_SP2009HIST 441 Origins of Modern America, 1877-1920 SP2009Kriste Lindenmeyer, Andrew Nolan
3101897622408HIST702_0101_SP2009HIST 702 Readings in American Historiography SP2009Terry Bouton
41311222135349HIST463_0101_SP2009HIST 463 Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Middle Ages SP2009Susan Mcdonough
51591137737307HIST110_0101_SP2009HIST 110 Western Civilization to 1700 SP2009Susan Mcdonough
6161641821305HIST711_0101_SP2009HIST 711/495A: Objects and Memory: Material Culture Practicum in Public Historydenise Meringolo
72281797776236HIST103_0101_SP2009HIST 103 East-Asian Civilization SP2009Julie Oakes
8239760333230HIST484_0101_SP2009HIST 484 German History: 1914 to the Present SP2009Russell Spinney
9255938243218HIST407_0101_SP2009HIST 407 The Founding of the American Nation, 1774 to 1815 SP2009Terry Bouton
10269877842209HIST421_0101_SP2009HIST 421/621 The American Civil War SP2009Anne Rubin
11315382521182HIST496_0101_SP2009HIST 496 Historical Research SP2009Anne Rubin
12375659843153HIST442_0101_SP2009HIST 442/642 The United States, 1917-1945: Rights, Responsibilities, Freedom and Democracy SP2009denise Meringolo
13398990367147HIST101_0101_SP2009HIST 101 American History to 1877 SP2009Kriste Lindenmeyer
14406837258144HIST111_0101_SP2009HIST 111 Western Civilization 1700 to the Present SP2009Clayton Laurie
15419421430140HIST446_0101_SP2009HIST 446_0101,HIST 446H_0101,HIST 646_0101 History of Science Since 1700 SP2009Joseph Tatarewicz, Eric Brown
16433214916134HIST495B_0101_SP2009HIST 495B/713B Black Music and Migration SP2009Michelle Scott
17442291422132HIST715B_0101_SP2009HIST 715B Cold War Culture SP2009Kate Brown
18443634148132HIST383_0101_SP2009HIST 383 Japan in the Shogun Age SP2009Constantin Vaporis
19445589745131HIST200_0101_SP2009HIST 200 Themes in World History SP2009Amy Froide
20461508541124HIST465_0101_SP2009HIST 465 The Renaissance SP2009James Grubb
21485507344115HIST201_0101_SP2009HIST 201 Introduction to the Study of History SP2009Daniel Ritschel, Ann Chapman
22521204520102HIST497_0101_SP2009HIST 497 Historical Research: SP2009Amy Froide
2352711646115101HIST303_0101_SP2009HIST 303 The Second World War SP2009Clayton Laurie, Laura Marshallsay, Kathleen White
24528504550100HIST200_0201_SP2009Don't Buy it: The Global History of Consumption 2009Kate Brown, Dorothy Kenny
2553439264098HIST403_0101_SP2009HIST 403/603 The American Colonies SP2009Marjoleine Kars
2662625293572HIST371_8620_SP2009Hist 371: History and FilmAndrew Nolan
276357071070HIST441_8620_SP2009Hist 441: Origins of Modern America, 1877-1920.Andrew Nolan
2865511271766HIST456_8620_SP2009The Roman EmpireJohn Birkenmeier
29692362660HIST663_0101_SP2009HIST 663 JEWS, CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS IN THE MIDDLE AGES SP2009Susan Mcdonough
3072947208654HIST358_0101_SP2009HIST 358 Art and Society in the Renaissance SP2009James Grubb
3175919944148HIST110_0201_SP2009HIST 110 Western Civilization to 1700 SP2009John Birkenmeier
32819247641HIST647_0101_SP2009HIST 647 History of Civil Rights Since the Civil War SP2009Howard Smead
3384320305437HIST102_0101_SP2009HIST 102 American History, 1877 to the Present SP2009Howard Smead
3484437137HIST274_0101_SP2009HIST/JDST/RLST 274 Contemporary Jewish History: 1917 to the Present SP2009David Katz
3584515194137HIST447_0101_SP2009HIST 447 History of Civil Rights Since the Civil War SP2009Howard Smead
368898702930HIST377_0101_SP2009HIST 377 The Jewish American Experience in Film SP2009Edward Merwin
3792975325HIST665_0101_SP2009HIST 665 The Renaissance SP2009James Grubb
38976197921HIST494B_0101_SP2009HIST 494B Cold War Culture SP2009Kate Brown
391088616HIST642_0101_SP2009HIST 642 The United States, 1917-1945 SP2009denise Meringolo
401089616HIST799_0101_SP2009HIST 799 Master's Thesis Research SP2009denise Meringolo
411106515HIST607_0101_SP2009HIST 607 The Founding of the American Nation, 1774 to 1815 SP2009Terry Bouton
421141212HIST478_0101_SP2009HIST 478 History of China, 1644 to 1912 SP2009Ka-Che Yip
431171111HIST603_0101_SP2009HIST 603 The American Colonies SP2009Marjoleine Kars