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Report Run On: December 18, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
161255394013842MGMT210_10440_FA2010MGMT 210 The Practice of Management (6.10440) FA2010Divya Bhansali
28174092498316MGMT210_8096_FA2010MGMT 210 The Practice of Management (3.8096) FA2010Suzanne Frock
38213628448217MGMT210_8098_FA2010MGMT 210 The Practice of Management (4.8098) FA2010Suzanne Frock, Stephen Sugar
48352731357825MGMT360_8104_FA2010MGMT 360 Business Law (1.8104) FA2010Christopher Young
58955725856724MGMT210_8090_FA2010MGMT 210 The Practice of Management (1.8090/2.8094) FA2010Vivian Armor
69092518396417MGMT425_8110_FA2010MGMT 425 Marketing (1.8110) FA2010William Hofherr, Irving Roogow
79282804456218MGMT210_8100_FA2010MGMT 210 The Practice of Management (5.8100) FA2010Margaret Kahl
89991622344711MGMT489_8112_FA2010MGMT 489 Seminar in Management and Administration (1.8112) FA2010William Boulay, Linda Raudenbush
910141075254311MGMT310_8102_FA2010MGMT 310 Human Resource Management (1.8102) FA2010Patricia Sadler
101096102336289MGMT210_12801_FA2010MGMT 210 The Practice of Management (7.12801) FA2010Robert Fleischmann
1113452121MGMT399_8108_FA2010MGMT 399 Administrative Internship (1.8108/2.10130) FA2010Carolyn Seaman
1213811111MGMT498_12871_FA2010MGMT 498 Special Topics in Management (1.12871) FA2010Irving Roogow