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Report Run On: May 13, 2009

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
11481218238320MLL250_0101_SP2009MLL 250 Introduction to the French-speaking World SP2009Thomas Field
2176621022282MLL371_0101_SP2009MLL 371/RUSS311 20th Century Russian Literature and Politics SP2009Elaine Rusinko
3235489621233MLL470_0101_SP2009MLL 470/670 L2 Acquisition and Learning: Theory to Practice SP2009Ana Oscoz
4364494131159MLL301_0101_SP2009MLL 301 Textual Analysis: Words, Images, Music SP2009Judith Schneider, Zak Fatih
540411608145MLL332_0101_SP2009MLL 332 Topics in German Culture SP2009Brigitte May
6446249219131MLL602_0101_SP2009MLL 602 The Ethnography of Communication SP2009Omar Ka, John Stolle-Mcallister
764423423468MLL305_0101_SP2009MLL 305 Introduction to Intercultural Communication SP2009Adriana Medina
873213882653MLL625_0101_SP2009MLL 625 Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Communication SP2009Adriana Medina
9101133216MLL790_0101_SP2009MLL 790 Internship/Practicum in Intercultural Communication SP2009John Stolle-Mcallister
10101296616MLL495_0101_SP2009MLL 495 Intercultural Video Production I SP2009Bill Shewbridge
111105515MLL430_0103_SP2009MLL 430 Internship in Modern Languages and Linguistics SP2009John Stolle-Mcallister