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Report Run On: December 19, 2009

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1146549315366MLL240_1.6351_FA2009MLL 240 Project in Cultural Sustainability FA2009Marie Deverneil
2221367013282MLL406_1.2074_FA2009MLL 406/606 Theory and History of Intercultural Media (1.2074/1.2075) FA2009Bill Shewbridge
32391265048263MLL270_1.1439_FA2009MLL 270/RUSS 270 Introduction to Russian Culture and Civilization FA2009Elaine Rusinko
4313344116215MLL603_1.2076_FA2009MLL 603 The Political Economy of Culture FA2009John Sinnigen, N. Bazgan
5474667747142MLL230_1.2055_FA2009MLL 230 World Language Communities FA2009Brigitte May
65838047114MLL626_1.6020_FA2009MLL 626 Advanced Methods in Intercultural Training FA2009Adriana Medina
776825663475MLL301_1.2072_FA2009MLL 301 Textual Analysis: Words, Images, Music FA2009Robert Sloane
893626235944MLL305_1.2051_FA2009MLL 305 Introduction to Intercultural Communication FA2009Stanley Mccray, Elisabeth Arevalo-Guerrero
997122685739LING190_2.1057_FA2009LING190/MLL 190/MLL190H - The World of Language I FA2009Thomas Field
10104816845530MLL213_1.2071_FA2009MLL 213 Film and Society in Spain FA2009Alan Bell
11114819119MLL190H_1.6002_FA2009MLL 190H The World of Language I-Honors (1.6002/2.6004) FA2009Thomas Field
1211844902916MLL328_1.2073_FA2009MLL 328 Traditional Chinese Fiction and Drama FA2009Marie Deverneil, William Brown
131311616MLL606_1.2075_FA2009MLL 606 Theory and History of Intercultural Media FA2009Bill Shewbridge
141312616MLL190_2.1441_FA2009MLL 190 - 02 The World Of Language I FA2009Thomas Field