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Report Run On: May 14, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1170472416295MLL670_01.1157_SP2010MLL 670 Second-Language Acquisition and Learning: From Theory to Practice (Online) SP2010Ana Oscoz
2268564927209MLL625_01.1156_SP2010MLL 625 Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Communication SP2010Adriana Medina
3287261313201MLL602_01.1155_SP2010MLL 602 The Ethnography of Communication SP2010John Stolle-Mcallister
4309986252189MLL204_1.7794_SP2010SOCY204/MLL 204/PSYC204 Diversity and Pluralism: An Interdisciplinary Perspective SP2010Fred Pincus
537314869165MLL470_01.1130_SP2010MLL 470/670 L2 Acquisition and Learning: Theory to Practice (Face to Face) SP2010Ana Oscoz
6374496430165MLL301_01.1114_SP2010MLL 301 Textual Analysis: Words, Images, Music SP2010Zak Fatih, Admin Presidium
7529397236110MLL230_01.4662_SP2010MLL 230 World Language Communities SP2010Alan Bell, John Stolle-Mcallister
863313051587MLL306_01.1116_SP2010MLL 306 Intercultural Communication: Issues Confronting Immigrant and Heritage Communities SP2010Sara Poggio
970324953473MLL305_01.1115_SP2010MLL 305 Introduction to Intercultural Communication SP2010Adriana Medina
1081517563156MLL280_01.4804_SP2010MLL 280 Introduction to the Spanish-Speaking World SP2010Sara Poggio
11105093423MLL660_1.5527_SP2010MLL 660 Theoretical Approaches to Intercultural Communication: A Critical Overview SP2010Edward Larkey
1210543791722MLL205_01.7007_SP2010MLL 205 Great Books from the French-Speaking World SP2010Zak Fatih
1310777423720MLL220_01.1112_SP2010MLL 220 Film and Society in China SP2010William Brown
14118710110MLL495_01.1131_SP2010MLL 495 Intercultural Video Production I SP2010Bill Shewbridge
151257414MLL695_01.1158_SP2010MLL 695 Intercultural Video Production I SP2010Bill Shewbridge
161268313MLL430_13.4785_SP2010MLL 430 Internship in Modern Languages and Linguistics SP2010Sara Poggio
171306111MLL400_13.4733_SP2010MLL 400 Special Projects in Modern Languages and Linguistics SP2010Sara Poggio
181307111MLL799_14.4775_SP2010MLL 799 Masters Thesis Research SP2010Ana Maria Schwartz