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Report Run On: December 14, 2011

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1160109482740552MLL301_8002_FA2011MLL 301 Textual Analysis: Words, Images, Music (01.8002) FA2011Brigitte May, Anna Shields
221648791532533MLL605_8007_FA2011MLL 605 The Field of Intercultural Communication (01.8007) FA2011Edward Larkey
326953401928146SPAN421_7997_FA2011SPAN 421 Studies in Hispanic Literature (01.7997/SPAN621_7999) FA2011Judith Schneider
440275243819825MLL280_12446_FA2011MLL 280 Introduction to the Spanish-Speaking World (01.12446) FA2011Sara Poggio
542961113318538MLL219_13457_FA2011MLL 219 Contemporary French Cinema (01.13457) FA2011N. Bazgan
644455753117924MLL230_7988_FA2011MLL 230/ LING 230 World Language Communities (01.7988/01.13418) FA2011Brigitte May, Stanley Mccray
752623181515430MLL603_8006_FA2011MLL 603 The Political Economy of Culture (01.8006) FA2011John Sinnigen
854025411714917MLL406_8004_FA2011MLL 406 Theory and History of Intercultural Media (01.8004/MLL606_8005) FA2011Bill Shewbridge
97021078110510220MLL305_7985_FA2011MLL 305 Introduction to Intercultural Communication (01.7985) FA2011Stanley Mccray
107526317907MLL626_11050_FA2011MLL 626 Advanced Methods in Intercultural Training (01.11050) FA2011Adriana Medina
117582941338921MLL311_13326_FA2011MLL 311 Introduction to Korean Culture (01.13326) FA2011Kyung-Eun Yoon
128543481516821AFST347_13591_FA2011AFST 347/GWST32/MLL322 Gender, Race, and Media (02.13591/GWST322_7854/MLL322_13589) FA2011April Householder
138581499226818SPAN301_7989_FA2011SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish I (01.7989) FA2011Judith Schneider
149222855515516MLL190_7539_FA2011MLL 190/LING 190/ ENGL 190 The World of Language I (02.7539) FA2011Thomas Field
159361161225215MLL240_11942_FA2011MLL 240 Project in Cultural Sustainability (01.11942) FA2011Marie Deverneil
161103141957249MLL213_8001_FA2011MLL 213 Film and Society in Spain (01.8001) FA2011Alan Bell
17123970974MLL210_8862_FA2011MLL 210 Africa: Culture and Development (01.8862) FA2011Lateef Badru
181260921752MLL328_8003_FA2011MLL 328 Traditional Chinese Fiction and Drama (01.8003) FA2011William Brown