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Report Run On: May 14, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1199713627264MUSC322_0101_SP2008MUSC 322 Music History II SP2008Michael Boyd
24861041104MUSC301_0101_SP2008MUSC 301 UMBC Chamber Players SP2008Gita Ladd
3605581872MUSC323_0101_SP2008MUSC 323 Career Development for Musicians SP2008Lisa Cella
463213102065MUSC358_0101_SP2008MUSC 358 Music in Performance (0101/0102/0103/0104/0105/0106/0107/0108/0109/0110/0111/0112/0113/0114/0115) SP2008Gina Beck, Thomas Goldstein, Janice Jackson, Joseph Morin, Stuart Smith, Edwin Richards, Lisa Cella, Jari Villanueva, David Smith, Rachel Franklin, Matthew Belzer, Thomas Lagana, Gita Ladd
564961161MUSC112_0601_SP2008MUSC 112 Music Repertoire SP2008Thomas Lagana
665459159MUSC190E_0101_SP2008MUSC 190E Untitled Course SP2008Gita Ladd
76925831153MUSC480_0101_SP2008MUSC 480 Topics in Music, Art and Society SP2008Edwin Richards
871044999149MUSC214_0101_SP2008MUSC 214 The History of Jazz: Origins-Present SP2008Thomas Goldstein
971348148MUSC194E_0101_SP2008MUSC 194E Untitled Course SP2008Gita Ladd
1074412642943MUSC226_0101_SP2008MUSC 226 Theory IV: Music Writing SP2008Michael Boyd
11751592014441MUSC217_0101_SP2008MUSC 217 Rock and Related Music: 1950-Present SP2008Joseph Morin
12756280740MUSC691_8010_SP2008MUSC 691 Seminar In American Music SP2008Edwin Richards
1376538138MUSC303_0101_SP2008MUSC 303 UMBC Camerata--Chamber Choir SP2008David Smith
147734451237MUSC219_0101_SP2008MUSC 219 Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations SP2008David Kim-Boyle
1579712623734MUSC111_0101_SP2008MUSC 111 Musicianship Laboratory II (0101/0201) SP2008Matthew Belzer
168168162631MUSC126_0201_SP2008MUSC 126 Theory II: Form and Analysis SP2008Anna Rubin
1781717025630MUSC191_0101_SP2008MUSC 191 Recital Preparation (0101/0201) SP2008Linda Dusman
1882129129MUSC193E_0101_SP2008MUSC 193E Untitled Course SP2008Gita Ladd
1985710324423MUSC305_0101_SP2008MUSC 305 UMBC Community Symphony Orchestra SP2008Edwin Richards
2085823123MUSC307A_0101_SP2008MUSC 307A Untitled Course SP2008Thomas Lagana
2189717117MUSC307I_0101_SP2008MUSC 307I Untitled Course SP2008Thomas Lagana
2289817117MUSC194F_0101_SP2008MUSC 194F Untitled Course SP2008Thomas Lagana
2390915115MUSC390E_0101_SP2008MUSC 390E Untitled Course SP2008Gita Ladd
2491314114MUSC193F_0101_SP2008MUSC 193F Untitled Course SP2008Thomas Lagana
2591414114MUSC390F_0101_SP2008MUSC 390F Untitled Course SP2008Thomas Lagana
2691514114MUSC393E_0101_SP2008MUSC 393E Untitled Course SP2008Gita Ladd
2792725212MUSC428_0101_SP2008MUSC 428 Electronic Music II SP2008Anna Rubin
289422542410MUSC211_0101_SP2008MUSC 211 Musicianship Laboratory IV SP2008Lisa Cella
29944919MUSC191_0301_SP2008MUSC 191 Recital Preparation SP2008Alan Wonneberger
309781226MUSC358_0105_SP2008MUSC 358 Music in Performance SP2008Joseph Morin, Thomas Lagana, Gita Ladd
31979515MUSC358_0103_SP2008MUSC 358 Music in Performance SP2008Janice Jackson, Joseph Morin, Gita Ladd
32980515MUSC358_0104_SP2008MUSC 358 Music in Performance SP2008Joseph Morin, Edwin Richards, Gita Ladd
33981515MUSC358_0108_SP2008MUSC 358 Music in Performance SP2008Joseph Morin, Lisa Cella, Gita Ladd
341007824MUSC358_0106_SP2008MUSC 358 Music in Performance (0106/0113) SP2008Joseph Morin, Jari Villanueva, Gita Ladd
351008414MUSC307C_0101_SP2008MUSC 307C Untitled Course SP2008Matthew Belzer
361010313MUSC190F_0101_SP2008MUSC 190F Untitled Course SP2008Thomas Lagana
371035212MUSC190C_0101_SP2008MUSC 190C Untitled Course SP2008Christian Tremblay
381038111MUSC190W_0201_SP2008MUSC 190W Untitled Course SP2008Laura Ruas
391039111MUSC193W_0201_SP2008MUSC 193W Untitled Course SP2008Laura Ruas
401040111MUSC307G_0101_SP2008MUSC 307G Untitled Course SP2008Joseph Morin