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Report Run On: May 14, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1384529837143PHIL100_0901_SP2008PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy SP2008Zena Hitz
255634344085PHIL100_0201_SP2008PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy (0201) SP2008phillip seng
359832914573PHIL100_0801_SP2008PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy (0801) SP2008phillip seng
463333445165PHIL248_0101_SP2008PHIL 248 Introduction to Scientific Reasoning SP2008phillip seng
571441618548PHIL251_0101_SP2008PHIL 251 Ethical Issues in Science, Engineering and Information Technology (0101/0102) SP2008Richard Wilson
671521754548PHIL152_0301_SP2008PHIL 152 Introduction to Moral Theory SP2008Michael Ferry
776313303538PHIL350_0101_SP2008PHIL 350 Ethical Theory SP2008Michael Ferry
87644601238PHIL350H_0101_SP2008PHIL 350H Untitled Course SP2008Michael Ferry
977419185137PHIL373_0101_SP2008PHIL 373 Metaphysics SP2008James Thomas
1077831058636PHIL150_0101_SP2008PHIL 150 Contemporary Moral Issues (0101/0102/0103/0104) SP2008Greg Ealick
118076962133PHIL372_0101_SP2008PHIL 372 Philosophy of Science SP2008Greg Ealick
128148772831PHIL445_0101_SP2008PHIL 445 Philosophy of Language SP2008Greg Ealick
1381531131PHIL152_0101_SP2008PHIL 152 Introduction to Moral Theory (0101/0501) SP2008James Thomas
148375562027PHIL452_0101_SP2008PHIL 452 Advanced Topics in Ethics SP2008Michael Ferry
15861110522PHIL322H_0101_SP2008PHIL 322H History of Philosophy: Modern (Honors) (AH) SP2008Stephen Braude
1688511646218PHIL322_0101_SP2008PHIL 322 History of Philosophy: Modern SP2008Stephen Braude
179018054916PHIL100_0401_SP2008PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy SP2008James Thomas
189163992814PHIL210_0101_SP2008PHIL 210 Philosophy of Religion SP2008Richard Wilson
19945424439PHIL346_0101_SP2008PHIL 346 Deductive Systems SP2008Richard Wilson
209464859PHIL481_0101_SP2008PHIL 481 Ancient Philosphy SP2008Zena Hitz