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Report Run On: December 12, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1419431140107PHIL152_0501_FA2008PHIL 152 Introduction to Moral Theory (0501) FA2008phillip seng
244834403598PHIL152_0601_FA2008PHIL 152 Introduction to Moral Theory FA2008Aaron Smith
350332983984PHIL152_0401_FA2008PHIL 152 Introduction to Moral Theory (0401) FA2008phillip seng
456326693968PHIL399C_0101_FA2008PHIL 399C Philosophy of Humor FA2008James Thomas
558159379165PHIL251_0101_FA2008PHIL 251 Ethical Issues in Science, Engineering and Information Technology (0101/0201) FA2008Richard Wilson
659846857562PHIL150_0101_FA2008PHIL 150 Contemporary Moral Issues (0101/0102/0103/0104) FA2008Greg Ealick
767318684046PHIL399B_0101_FA2008PHIL 399B Topics in Philosophy FA2008Richard Wilson
86924411044PHIL321H_0101_FA2008PHIL 321H Untitled Course FA2008Greg Ealick
970342142PHIL152_0201_FA2008PHIL 152 Introduction to Moral Theory (0201/0301) FA2008Ben Dixon
107254621238PHIL452_0101_FA2008PHIL 452 Advanced Topics in Ethics FA2008Susan Dwyer
1174011463235PHIL399A_0101_FA2008PHIL 399A Philosophy of Film FA2008phillip seng
1276716465331PHIL321_0101_FA2008PHIL 321 History of Philosophy: Ancient FA2008Greg Ealick
1381019457924PHIL100_0701_FA2008PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy (0701/0801) FA2008Greg Ealick
148635883915PHIL346_0101_FA2008PHIL 346 Deductive Systems FA2008Richard Wilson
158663092114PHIL327_0101_FA2008PHIL 327 American Pragmatism FA2008Stephen Braude
168805404113PHIL100_0801_FA2008PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy (0801) FA2008Greg Ealick
17881150710913PHIL100_0101_FA2008PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy (0101/0301/0401) FA2008James Thomas
188863943212PHIL370_0101_FA2008PHIL 370 Philosophy and Parapsychology FA2008Stephen Braude
19970414PHIL400_0201_FA2008PHIL 400 Independent Study in Philosophy (0201/0901) FA2008Susan Dwyer, Richard Wilson
20989212PHIL358H_0101_FA2008PHIL 358H Untitled Course FA2008Ben Dixon
21998111PHIL372_0101_FA2008PHIL 372 Philosophy of Science FA2008Jessica Pfeifer