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Report Run On: May 16, 2007

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
13161513983182POLI100_0101_SP2007POLI 100 American Government and Politics (SS) (0101/0201) SP2007Tyson King-Meadows
2343779647165POLI100_0501_SP2007POLI 100 American Government and Politics (SS) SP2007Todd Eberly
3415374229129POLI324_0101_SP2007POLI 324 The Congress SP2007Tyson King-Meadows
4458128011116POLI350_8020_SP2007POLI 350 Policy Making Process (Shady Grove) SP2007Elizabeth Freund
5473547050109POLI250_0101_SP2007POLI 250 Introduction to Public Administration and Policy (SS) SP2007Monica Randall
6489124012103POLI489_0101_SP2007POLI 489 Selected Topics in International Relations SP2007Micah Lebson
752355976388POLI210_0101_SP2007POLI 210 Political Philosophy (AH) SP2007Simon Stacey
853128043287POLI350_0101_SP2007POLI 350 The Policy-Making Process SP2007Cheryl Miller
955344235678POLI260_0101_SP2007POLI 260 Comparative Politics (SS) SP2007Mark Croatti
1061034215265POLI210_0201_SP2007POLI 210 Political Philosophy (AH) SP2007Shanaysha Sauls
1165514702656POLI487_0101_SP2007POLI 487 International Political Economy SP2007Philip Thibideau
1266614632754POLI429_0101_SP2007POLI 429 Selected Topics in American Government and Politics SP2007Paul Glenn
1369111192348POLI440_0101_SP2007POLI 440 Urban Politics SP2007Bernadette Hanlon
1473221565439POLI315_0101_SP2007POLI 315 Political Philosophy from 1600 (SS) SP2007Simon Stacey
15760304933POLI334_8020_SP2007POLI 334 (Shady Grove) SP2007Pete Melcavage
1679917826726POLI301_0101_SP2007POLI 301 Research Methods in Political Science (0101/0201) SP2007carolyn forestiere
17943616POLI401_0301_SP2007POLI 401 Individual Study in Political Science SP2007Jeffrey Davis