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Report Run On: December 19, 2009

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1110613714438PUBL613_1.1124_FA2009PUBL 613 Managing Public Organizations FA2009Pattee Fletcher
2206817028291PUBL601_1.1121_FA2009PUBL 601 Political and Social Context of the Policy Process FA2009David Shetterley
3256296712247PUBL610_3.2710_FA2009PUBL 610 Special Topics in Public Policy FA2009Dave Marcotte
4295294913226PUBL604_1.2592_FA2009PUBL 604 Statistical Analysis FA2009Dave Marcotte
5402446226171PUBL623_1.1123_FA2009PUBL 623 GOVERNMENTAL BUDGETING FA2009Roy Meyers
6441384925153PUBL600_1.1120_FA2009PUBL 600 Research Methodology FA2009Adele Kirk
7448166511151PUBL607_1.2591_FA2009PUBL 607 Statistical Applications in Evaluation Research FA2009Marv Mandell
84966885137PUBL610_2.2715_FA2009PUBL 610 Special Topics in Public Policy FA2009Adele Kirk
9624147914105PUBL652_1.5462_FA2009PUBL 652 Politics of HealthNancy Miller
10690815990PUBL608_1.1638_FA2009PUBL 608 Applied Multivariate Regression Analysis FA2009David Salkever
1184711601961PUBL603_1.1122_FA2009PUBL 603 Theory and Practice of Policy Analysis FA2009Nancy Miller
129914101137PUBL698_1.1637_FA2009PUBL 698 Policy Analysis Capstone FA2009Donald Norris
1312851728PUBL698_2.5757_FA2009PUBL 698 Policy Analysis Capstone FA2009Bernadette Hanlon, John Short