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Report Run On: December 14, 2011

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
120537151133737PUBL610_8389_FA2011PUBL 610 Special Topics in Public Policy (03.8389) FA2011Dave Marcotte
224962772129832PUBL601_7254_FA2011PUBL 601 Political and Social Context of the Policy Process (1.7254) FA2011Roy Meyers
333754852323830PUBL604_8327_FA2011PUBL 604 Statistical Analysis (1.8327) FA2011Dave Marcotte
435431661422630PUBL607_8326_FA2011PUBL 607 Statistical Applications in Evaluation Research (1.8326) FA2011Marv Mandell
537348692321138PUBL623_7256_FA2011PUBL 623 GOVERNMENTAL BUDGETING (1.7256) FA2011Roy Meyers, Neil Bergsman
659127782113218PUBL600_7253_FA2011PUBL 600 Research Methodology (1.7253) FA2011Adele Kirk
7669885811021PUBL652_10593_FA2011PUBL 652 Politics of Health (1.10593) FA2011Nancy Miller
88021498197819PUBL603_7255_FA2011PUBL 603 Theory and Practice of Policy Analysis (1.7255) FA2011Nancy Miller
9815896127413PUBL610_13833_FA2011PUBL 610 Special Topics in Public Policy (05.13833) FA2011Marv Mandell
1083864397114PUBL613_13440_FA2011PUBL 613 Managing Public Organizations (01.13440) FA2011Eric Zeemering
1112824142PUBL699_14196_FA2011PUBL 699 Policy Analysis Paper (12.14196) FA2011Judith Shinogle
1213112121PUBL699_13983_FA2011PUBL 699 Policy Analysis Paper (08.13983) FA2011Donald Norris
1313121111PUBL610_8330_FA2011PUBL 610 Special Topics in Public Policy (01.8330) FA2011Adele Kirk