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Report Run On: December 18, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
117187722141756MLL370_12698_FA2010MLL 370/RUSS 310 19th Century Russian Literature and Society (01.12698/01.12697) FA2010Elaine Rusinko
2260187896031333RUSS101_1790_FA2010RUSS 101 Basic Russian I (01.1790/02.1792) FA2010Elaine Rusinko
362844283313432RUSS201_1794_FA2010RUSS 201 Basic Russian III (L) (01.1794) FA2010Vira Zhdanovych, Joan Costello
467315661312028RUSS401_1804_FA2010RUSS 401 Advanced Russian I (01.1804) FA2010Vira Zhdanovych, Steven Young
57811262149024RUSS301_12888_FA2010RUSS 301 Continuing Russian II (02.12888) FA2010Vira Zhdanovych, Steven Young
61036418113811RUSS350_1802_FA2010RUSS 350 Russian Complementary Reading (01.1802) FA2010Vira Zhdanovych
71064389113510RUSS303_1800_FA2010RUSS 303 Continuing Russian Conversation I (01.1800) FA2010Vira Zhdanovych
8122414911134RUSS300_1796_FA2010RUSS 300 Special Projects in Russian Language (01.1796) FA2010Saveliy Liberman, Steven Young
912779192RUSS101_2954_FA2010RUSS 101 Basic Russian I (05.2954) FA2010Courtney Ring
1013001161573RUSS101_2956_FA2010RUSS 101 Basic Russian I (06.2956) FA2010Tsisana Palmer
1113562122RUSS201_2964_FA2010RUSS 201 Basic Russian III (02.2964/03.2968) FA2010Margarita Tararina
1213631111RUSS101_2950_FA2010RUSS 101 Basic Russian I (03.2950/04.2952) FA2010Margarita Tararina